Video: The photography of Andy Anderson

YETI and Orvis' new short-film 'Andy' looks at the life of an iconic imagemaker
andy anderson photography
A still from the film.

It's hard to imagine anyone arguing that fly fishers are highly visual individuals. There's so much about our sport that's driven by appreciation for the beauty of the pursuit, whether that be the aesthetics of the landscapes in which we chase our quarry, the lashed fur and feather creations we tempt them with or the artfully crafted tools with which we ply the water. Fly fishing is a sport full of rich and diverse imagery. Much of that rich imagery has been captured by photographer Andy Anderson, who got his start shooting fishing and outdoors and has since built an impressive career as a commercial and editorial photographer which takes him around the globe shooting for clients.

Anderson is remarkably prolific and his work spans a myriad of subjects and disciplines that stray far from the sporting world. When not capturing images of fly fishing or bird shooting, you might find Anderson at a commercial car or truck shoot or maybe off to Cuba to shoot baseball players and portraits of transvestites.

Anderson and his career are the subject of a new, beautifully produced short film from the Cavin Brother and David Mangum and presented by YETI and Orvis. It is a short film rich with story and emotion and filled with Anderson's imagery. It tells the story of Anderson's start as a photographer—which began with the gift of a Pentax K100 from his wife as he embarked on a tour in the U.S. Air Force as a firefighter—and offers Anderson's view of the world of photography and what it reveals to the world.

As to what drives him as a photographer, Anderson explains "It's not so much making the picture as it is connecting with the people and the places ... but also the closer you get to those people the more you start to learn about their process and things about these people's lives. All those things together is what really energizes me."

You can view the full short film, simply titled 'Andy', below. To see more of Anderson's work, visit