Autumn Brown Trout
A dink, by autumn brown trout standards.

Autumn, to many, conjures up images of heading to the stream on a brisk, sunny day in search of big brown trout. Whether you're a seasoned fly fisherman or a beginner, the often low, gin clear waters of autumn present numerous challenges for the angler. Being prepared and having a game plan in place before you hit the water increases your chances of success. Following are 3 good reads to help you get ready for stalking big browns this fall.

Late Summer and Early Autumn Browns

The always insightful Kent Klewein of Gink & Gasoline offers up some advice on how to make the most of late summer and early autumn terrestrial fishing, including information on how holding patterns change for trout as the season progresses. Be sure to check out Kent's thoughts to make sure you're not overlooking water that you should be fishing.

10 Tips for Fall Streamer Fishing

Vermont's Drew Price, who spends most of his time stalking big, sometimes prehistoric looking game in the waters of Lake Champlain offers up 10 tips he employs when he heads out in the fall with streamers to slum it for brown trout. Included are reasons to wear camo, more reasons to wear camo and lots of other tips such as what flies to use, the importance of redds and thoughts on how to approach the water.

Red Lights, Night Eyes, Four-AM Brews

Though it won't likely give you much information on how to improve your autumn trout hunting tactics, Mike's Gone Fishing's Mike Sepelak's account of heading out long after dark in search of big Michigan brown trout will definitely get your blood pumping and, despite no fish coming to hand in Mike's tale, might even convince you it is time to finally head out under cover of darkness for some night fishing.