Video: 24 hours in L.A.

Carp, bass and even mako shark, all in one day in the city of angels
mako shark fishing los angeles
Hooked up to a mako shark off the shores of downtown L.A. (photo: RC Cone).

If you're not familiar with the work of RC Cone, you probably should be. Cone is best known in the fishing world for his films Tributaries and Breathe, but it is his 2016 film The Accord—which told the story of Heiðar Logi Elíasson, an Icelandic surfer that has spent his life chasing waves in the burly, wind-beaten North Atlantic—that has won Cone the most acclaim, as an official selection at both the Banff Film Festival and Telluride Mountainfilm. Cone has a knack for angles and cinematography and it shows through in his work. RC's latest foray into film is the latest installment of Redington's Find Your Water series, titled 24 Hours in L.A.

As you might have already guessed, the short 7-minute film tells the story of 24 hours spent fishing in Los Angeles—not exactly known as a hotbed of enviable angling opportunities. But the film does just what Redington intends it to do, prove the point that you can find your water almost anywhere, even in the heart of America's second-largest city.

The film features looks at fishing for mako sharks not far off L.A.'s beaches, chasing carp in the concrete flood control channel that is the Los Angeles River and night-fishing for bass admist the cranes, platforms and lights of L.A.'s massive port. The time the film spends chasing carp—which shows off what habitat restoration can do, even in the most unlikely of places—is its most compelling offering, but it's all worth a look, even when factoring in some of the wince-inducing acting that's along for the ride.

fly fishing los angeles river
Two shots from the same section of the L.A. river (photos: RC Cone).

But you don't watch a fishing short for its credentialed thespians, so when Cone's knacks for finding the right angle and first-rate cinematography combine with eye-opening looks at fishing opportunities in the 500-plus square mile impermeable wasteland that is downtown Los Angeles, it all turns into a pretty good way to waste 7-minutes on a Friday afternoon.


I love it.... So what have you been doing?

"I've been fish'n"

An action packed sunrise to sunset video full of stripping, swinging and dabbling. I've been on similar trips that are embedded in my memory banks.