GEOBASS Papua New Guinea Black Bass
GEOBASS Papua New Guinea Black Bass

Chances are you've never heard of Papua New Guinea black bass. If you have, you know that PNG black bass are rumored to be far and away the hardest fighting freshwater fish in the world, snapping lines and exploding rods whenever they are encountered.

In the finale episode of Costa Del Mar's GEOBASS, the multi-award winning adventure film series that tracks a group of fly fisherman as they globe trot in search of the most exotic and powerful bass species out there, the cameras head out into remote stretches of Papua New Guinea in search of these powerful monsters of lore and legend.

This is not your typical bass or freshwater fly fishing excursion. In tow are16 weight fly rods normally reserved for massive saltwater quarry like billfish and mako shark, 130 pound leaders, 600 grain sinking fly lines, gear built for fish that are five or even ten times larger than the PNG black bass.

Lost passports, lost shoes and exploded 14 weights are all make an appearance in typical GEOBASS fashion. See for yourself. Watch GEOBASS Papau New Guinea below.