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Lodge whiskey

Yes, it does taste better at the lodge
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Does it really taste that good? Or does it just taste that good because you’re drinking it at the fishing lodge? It might be one of those impossible-to-answer questions.

My girlfriend would have everyone believe that bacon fried on a griddle outside the camper in the middle of nowhere somehow tastes better than bacon fried up at home on the stovetop. Same for hashbrowns and sausage. And anything cooked in a Dutch oven, of course.

Fly fishing is more popular than ever

What are longtime anglers to do?
Photo: Chad Shmukler

While I’ve been sticking close to home for the last year or so, I keep hearing that I’m pretty much the only one. Reports from rivers across the West, ranging from the Frying Pan in Colorado, to Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake, to the Madison right here in Montana, are all in agreement. There are more fly fishers on the water than ever before.

Nissan trashes a stream in new Frontier pickup ad

Corporations continue to teach outdoor goers the wrong kind of lessons
Screen capture from the now-pulled Nissan Frontier advertisement (Image credit: Nissan).

It would seem that the throngs of outdoor newbies aren’t the only ones in the woods who don’t have the first clue how to behave in the wild. Just this past week, Nissan, in its efforts to market its 2022 Frontier pickup, showed that it, too, is oblivious to the unwritten rules that govern the use of wild places.