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To a golden retriever

To them, she was as perfect as a dog could possibly be
Photo: G. Sawyer / cc 2.0.

As golden retrievers go she was utterly typical—even stereotypical. She lived in a middle-class suburban neighborhood: tree-lined streets, neatly clipped lawns, fenced backyards. She was a good-looking, athletic, robustly built dog, and while she wasn’t a hunter I have no doubt that given the right opportunities she would have made a splendid one. And I fancy that she gazed with something like longing at the flocks of mallards and Canada geese that frequently flew over, enroute to the nearby river.

Patagonia offering free wader and gear repairs at The Fly Fishing Show

Gear your broken down gear, of any brand, back in action—for nothing
Photo: Patagonia.

Patagonia's Worn Wear program, a multi-faceted initiative that aims to reduce consumer purchasing and the need for new goods to be manufactured by keeping old gear in action, will be visiting The Fly Fishing Show to offer anglers and other visitors free repairs on leaky waders, broken jacket zippers, torn seams and much more.

Paying it forward for summer

Winter's short, dark days and icy weather are an investment in new seasons to come
Photo: Whitney Kamman

This first week of winter offers hope here on the slopes of the Caribous. The shortest day of the year is behind us and between now and late June, we’re graced with a little more light each day.

We’re not necessarily graced with more sun. Winter is cold and gray … almost sepia. The sun doesn’t really shame the remnants of the Northwest cloud cover until April, sometimes May. The calendar may claim differently, but winter is our longest season.

The old lady

Other fishing buddies have come and gone, but Phoebe has always been there
Surveying the kingdom (photo: Chris Hunt).

There’s a lot of white on that black muzzle these days. Flecks of canine wisdom. I never thought Phoebe would get old, but then, I had a hard time imagining me getting old right along with her.

Several months back, she stopped trying to jump into the truck. It was just too much. Now, she just lifts her front paws onto the seat, turns around and looks at me expectantly and seems to ask, “Hey, bud. You mind getting the caboose?”

Help protect our fisheries and have your support doubled by Patagonia

Supporting Conservation Hawks fights the impacts of climate change on our fisheries
Photo: Jeremy Roberts

“We’re not gonna turn things around without changing government, because government can make big changes. I mean, if you’ve got a politician who’s running for office, who thinks he’s smarter than 98% of the world’s climate scientists ... they’re crooks or they’re dumb-asses.”

— Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia in the Conservation Hawks film COLD WATERS