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Anglers to Trump: You're fired!

Our waters cannot survive four more years of Donald Trump’s ransacking, polluting agenda
An angler cradles a dolly varden from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). Trump has bragged that, after 40-years of failed attempts to open the highly sensitive arctic refuge to drilling, he and his Republican colleagues finally 'got it done' (photo: Pat Clayton / Fish Eye Guy Photography).

Anglers go to the water because they need to. Our lives are composed knee-deep in lakes, rivers and the sea. We all have our favorites: steelhead chasing a swung fly; permit cruising the flats; wild brookies in tiny mountain creeks; pike slashing out of weedy shallows; brown trout, tight to a grassy bank, deliberately sipping a beetle after refusing a dun.

Are you helping other anglers? You should be.

A small gesture can forever alter another angler's journey
Photo: Chad Shmukler

For $120, I could get two nights at Flaming Gorge Resort, two dinners topped with the best blackberry cobbler I’ve found, and an entire weekend mostly to myself on Utah’s portion of the Green River. This was a few years ago, back when I was more broke than I am now, but with far fewer responsibilities and more time to devote to fishing. And this deal was only available when the resort started offering offseason pricing. I couldn’t afford to be around when the fishing — and the weather — was at its peak.

Steve vs. Steve: Montana hunters and anglers weigh in on the Daines vs. Bullock Senate race

Both candidates have presented themselves as a friend to sportsmen and women, but which really is?
Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks to voters at a campaign event (photo: Matt Johnson / cc2.0).

Montana is known more for its trout fishing than for its politics, but this year’s contest between Steve Daines and Steve Bullock could potentially tip the balance in the U.S. Senate. I reached out to several respected Montana anglers for their views on the Daines/Bullock race. Here’s how they responded.

From world-renowned angler, author and conservationist Craig Mathews:

On the move

During what might be the best trout fishing of the year, I'm moving
Photo: Mike cc/2.0

Years ago, when my wife and I were young, we moved just about every year. As a young journalist, in order to move up, you had to move on. Also, as a young journalist, I apparently took a vow of poverty — I don’t remember the exact time I made that papist promise, but it was probably some time right out of school when I agreed to edit a little weekly newspaper in Crested Butte, Colo., for wages I likely could have matched had I taken the unenviable job of “fry guy” at the only McDonald’s in Gunnison County.

Old Sly

This particular character topped Dr. Johnson's shit list for as long as I knew him
Photo: Eric Killby / cc2.0

Old Sly was a son of a bitch. That’s what Dan’s father said, anyway. Dr. Johnson had a way with words around us kids — he was the only grownup in our uptight little East Texas neighborhood who’d dare curse in our presence. He wasn’t a doctor. He was a dentist, and after a glass of Glenlivet, he’d proffer up nuggets of wisdom that, as the son of an oil-field traffic manager and a “damn Yankee,” I couldn’t get enough of.