We don't see enough of this sort of thing. One of the best parts of fly fishing is the culture. The people. The places. It's not just about the fish.

It's not like Craig and the Mo weren't already on my bucket list, but it just moved up a few notches.

Great images.

God, I need to get to the Missouri this year.

Booze (and lots of it, apparently), cussing, fighting, dogs and fat trout: what more motivation could I possibly need?

Stabler, partially digested. If you look behind the sculpin, you'll see a brown trout in the net. The sculpin came from the trout's mouth. Greedy bugger.

Thanks, Jess.

So the normal color of that sculpin would be ... ?

Stabler, they tend to match body color to the terrain... often dark olive or brown / tan. It varies. But they are always fun to fish!

A trip to Craig, Headhunters and the MO is at the top of my list! Thanks for the great images of a special place.

Chad & Mike, had some new gear to write about. Drove over from western Montana last Friday (Feb. 13th). Weather was nice, no snow on the ground in Craig. Pulled up to the river around 1:30, changed into my waders, debated on fishing in a t-shirt - it was 60+ degrees - and proceeded to stick big fish on dries, nymphs and streamers. Saturday was a little windy, and a bit cooler, but smoked them on nymphs. Sunday was a classic Missouri winter day, with a wet snow falling and no wind. Fished midge clusters on top all day long. Caught more big fish than I could count. Drove home on Sunday afternoon.

What was the name of that classic Pink Floyd album? Oh, that's right ... Wish You Were Here.

By the way, nice piece, Jess. Made me smile.

I think you send weary anglers to the grass-choked, August Missouri just so you can spend the next couple of years before they return gloating about days like this.

Well played, Tanner.

You know me, Chad. I'm like every other angler. If my lips are moving, I'm lying. I made it all up. The Mo sucked. It was horrid. Terrible. A large, roiling disappointment of epic proportions. After 3 days of disastrous fishing, I'm never going back.

Until next time.

Tanner nailed it. Don't bother. Terrible fishing. Bad scenery. No bar scene. Skip it.

'Cause if you go, it's going to stick with you.

Cheers, guys. Glad you enjoyed it.


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