RIO Tarpon Quickshooter fly line

RIO has been steadily adding to its lineup of specialty fly lines, especially in the tropical saltwater arena. Over the last year or so, RIO has added its award-winning permit line and GT (giant trevally) lines to its specialty tropical saltwater offerings. Yesterday, RIO announced the addition of two new specialty lines aimed at tarpon anglers.

The two new tarpon lines, the Tarpon Quickshooter floating and Tarpon Quickshooter floating/intermediate join not only RIO's lineup of tropical saltwater lines, but also mark its second release of what it calls "Quickshooter" style lines (in addition to its Bonefish Quickshooter lines).

According to RIO, the new tarpon lines are "designed with a short head that is 30 feet in length and a full line size heavier to easily load modern saltwater rods. The powerful front taper makes it a breeze to cast large flies or to punch into tough winds, while a long back taper and handling section enables anglers to pick up and re-target second shot casts." Making the new lines "ideal for close range shots at tarpon and on low light days when quick casts are essential."

Rio Tarpon Quickshooter line profile

The full floating version of the Tarpon Quickshooter line has a green ("sea grass") back section and a sand colored head, while the floating/intermediate version has a clear head. The intermediate head sinks at a rate of 1.5 inches per second. The lines are available in sizes WF10 - WF12 and are available immediately from RIO retailers at an MSRP of $89.95.