Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing now free on Amazon

All 13 episodes of the celebrated TV and DVD series are now free for Prime members
brown trout underwater
Photo: Chad Shmukler

The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, a 13-part documentary series, is now available for free viewing on Amazon Prime. Originally released as a TV series and subsequently as a four DVD box set, Orvis says the series aims to "demystify fly fishing, make it fun and clearly demonstrate it is both accessible and affordable" and to teach "the fundamentals of fly fishing for all species, in all waters."

How do you make your fly look natural? What do you do when a fish won't take your fly? How do you deal with complex and varied currents? Or use proper technique to fight big, strong fish?

The series, which is hosted by heralded author and angler Tom Rosenbauer, attempts to answer all of those questions and countless more.

Various episodes also include appearances from other noted anglers, such as stillwater expert Phil Rowley who appears in episode 8, "Stillwater Trout," which focuses on chasing trout in lakes and ponds.

orvis guide to fly fishing amazon
Credit: Amazon

In total, the series includes almost 5 hours of instructional and educational video covering topics ranging from the basics of fly fishing to how to read water to how to fish specific types of flies like dries and streamers.

The series' later episodes even cover approaches for specialized species like carp, pike and muskie as well as going beyond freshwater into the worlds of near-shore and offshore saltwater fly fishing.

Prime members can view the entire series here or by searching for the 'Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing' through the Amazon Prime app on their preferred platform.


This series popped up on my Amazon ‘feed’ a couple months ago. Watched it’s twice , once with my two sons. Perfect for a relative novice like myself. The boys were also thoroughly impressed that I had met Tom out in Idaho back in October...