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Patagonia offering free wader and gear repairs at The Fly Fishing Show

Gear your broken down gear, of any brand, back in action—for nothing
Photo: Patagonia.

Patagonia's Worn Wear program, a multi-faceted initiative that aims to reduce consumer purchasing and the need for new goods to be manufactured by keeping old gear in action, will be visiting The Fly Fishing Show to offer anglers and other visitors free repairs on leaky waders, broken jacket zippers, torn seams and much more.

Indifly wants you to cough up 66 cents a day to help fish and indigenous communities

Funds will go to help indigenous communities build sustainable livelihoods through sportfishing ecotourism
Photo: Josh Hutchins

And why not? Indifly is a one-of-a-kind, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting fisheries by empowering indigenous communities to generate sustainable livelihoods through ecotourism.

Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing now free on Amazon

All 13 episodes of the celebrated TV and DVD series are now free for Prime members
Photo: Chad Shmukler

The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing, a 13-part documentary series, is now available for free viewing on Amazon Prime. Originally released as a TV series and subsequently as a four DVD box set, Orvis says the series aims to "demystify fly fishing, make it fun and clearly demonstrate it is both accessible and affordable" and to teach "the fundamentals of fly fishing for all species, in all waters."

Vote for the outdoors: Here's how

Cast your ballots for candidates with a record of voting for clean air, water and healthy landscapes
American public lands in Brown's Canyon National Monument (photo: BLM).

It's tempting to self-soothe by telling ourselves that despite how divisive political rhetoric has become, in truth, nothing much has really changed. We still have politicians that prefer a fiscally conservative approach, low taxes and industry-friendly policies that supposedly create jobs. And we have politicians that tend to favor greater oversight and regulation, believe in government spending and higher taxes on industry and wealthy individuals. When the campaigns are over, however, these folks get down to business and find ways to compromise and work towards common goals.

Today is the last day to speak up on Pebble Mine (again)

It's time for common sense to prevail once more
One of millions, this sockeye makes its way up a small creek in the Bristol Bay region (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Just a few short years ago, it seemed as if recreational anglers, commercial fishermen, conservationists, Alaska's native peoples and more had, after years of tireless advocacy, claimed victory in their battle to prevent the Pebble Mine in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.

Help capture what's at stake in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Photographers, videographers and writers aim to fight oil drilling with evidence
Arctic char (photo: Pat Clayton).

This summer, under the umbrella of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a large collaborative media effort will take a group of accomplished image makers far, far to the north. The group, made up of seasoned conservation photographers with unique specialities, will travel to Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) with the goal of capturing the awe and splendor of the nation's wildest and largest tract of publicly owned land.

The President Stole Your Land and You Were Lied To

Patagonia continues its attacks on the Trump administration's campaign to degrade U.S. public lands
Source: Patagonia

"It was always about oil, gas and uranium," reads the title of a recent article from Patagonia's Lisa Sheehy, in which Patagonia continues to call out the Trump administration for its attacks on U.S. public lands.

Learn the single-hand spey cast

A new video introduces the essentials of one-hand spey casting
Photo: RIO

The world of trout spey (or whatever moniker is most popular at any given time) is constantly evolving. For a few years, the development of smaller spey rods—typically 11 1/2 feet or smaller and lighter in weight—geared towards two-handed spey casting, but on a similar scale, predominated. While those rods remain popular, more recently, focus has shifted in part to single-hand spey casting, an option that allows anglers to reap the benefits of spey casting with a traditional, single-hand trout rod (and, often, an angler's existing rod).


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