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Ducks Unlimited decision puts bottom line ahead of ethics

Firing of journalist Don Thomas calls organization's judgement into question
Fly fishing on Montana's Ruby River (photo: B. Ater).

It’s hard to imagine that even a single one of Ducks Unlimited’s more than 750,000 members isn’t presently ashamed of their affiliation with an organization which has long been widely regarded as a well-respected and incredibly accomplished conservation organization. Over the years, Ducks Unlimited (DU) has built for itself a reputation of credibility based largely on its effective grassroots organization, efficient use of dollars and conservation of almost 14 million acres of North American waterfowl habitat.

Report on EPA review of Pebble Mine lacks basis in fact, human decency

Bought-and-paid for report lacks facts, ethics and morality
A Yupik fishing village in Bristol Bay (photo: Pat Clayton).

Yesterday, The Cohen Group, which the Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) and its supporters are lauding as an independent review firm, released a report that sharply criticized as unfair the EPA's process which led to a preliminary ruling that, if finalized, would prevent the so-called partnership — which now only contains Canadian firm Northern Dynasty Minerals, as all other former partner firms have long divested and distanced themselves from the ill-conceived project — from ever building the Pebble Mine.

Catching bonefish and tarpon, for science

Yet another reason to hit the flats
Catching bonefish during a Belizean rainstorm (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Catching a bonefish or a tarpon is reward enough in itself. Both fish are elusive. Both are amongst the angling world's most impressive fighters. Both are beautiful specimens to behold. Should you, however, require additional motivation in order to land yourself on a sunny tropical flat or the bow of a skiff patrolling tarpon-friendly waters — then do it for the good of science.

Terrace Chrome

A short film looks at chasing bright chrome in northern BC

Closer to Juneau than Vancouver, Terrace lies in the far northern reaches of British Columbia, not far from Ketchikan, Alaska. The storied Skeena River, known for producing some of the most wild and most beautiful steelhead in the world, flows right through town, with more than 75 miles to go before it dumps into the Pacific Ocean after coursing through BC's old growth forests and coastal mountains. Also nearby is the Kitimat which, though less well known than the Skeena, boasts amazing runs of spring steelhead.

Let's stop the stupidity on the Snake

It's time to bring salmon and steelhead back to 5,000 miles of Rocky Mountain streams
Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River (photo: Bonneville Power / cc2.0).

What costs taxpayers $150 million each year, no longer serves the purpose it was designed to serve, has its usefulness in continuing decline and — through its blockage of passage to over 5,000 miles of pristine, high elevation habitat — has been identified by the best available science as the primary force behind the destruction of the west's wild salmon and steelhead population?

Giveaway: Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT fly line

Win a dry fly fisherman's dream line
Testing the Mastery VPT on the Scientific Anglers casting pond.

Imagine sending out a neat and tidy newsletter each week featuring the best of each week's articles, editor's picks from our archives, exclusive fly fishing photography and more, but being too lazy to bother telling anyone you're doing it. That's us. We've even been too lazy to bribe folks to sign up to receive the newsletter. We tried it once before, but didn't bother getting the word out much.

Get some Hatch Magazine gear

Featuring two different pieces of Paul Puckett artwork
Pick between two styles: Scaly Redfish (yellow/red) and Striper (charcoal/light blue).

We've had a bunch of folks writing via email and social media lately asking where to get Hatch Magazine gear — shirts, hats, stickers and so on. So we decided to stop dragging our feet and get to work on it.

We teamed up with the prolific and stupidly talented Paul Puckett from Flood Tide Co. and have put two shirts together. Each features one of Paul's sketches. You pick: Scaly Redfish or Striper.

Our most popular articles of 2015 - Part I

A look at what's been cranking gears so far in 2015
From 'Tanner's extra special #1 best ever nymphing tip' (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Our primary goal here at Hatch Magazine is to offer anglers a diversified and engaging window on the world of fly fishing. This is precisely why you'll find content that includes product reviews, gear news, stories and narratives, articles on tips and technique, photo essays, coverage of conservation issues and more.


Felt Soul Media, at it again
Image credit: Felt Soul Media

We've made no secret of the fact that Felt Soul Media has spent the better part of the last decade making some of our favorite films. Some of these films, like Red Gold and DamNation, are important and have shined a bright light on some of the most pressing issues facing our fisheries (and more).

Hunting jungle poon

You won't believe your eyes

While wrapping up a recent trip to Patagonia, a trip I had long dreamed of making, I remarked to one of my traveling companions that Bolivian dorado would likely jump to the top of my list of dream species for which to travel, now that I had scratched Patagonian trout off my list. While Bolivia's dorado may indeed remain at the top of the list, it may just get a stiff challenge from what Nicaragua's Tapam Lodge somewhat disappointingly -- but understandably -- refers to as "jungle poon."


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