In the Heart of the Rockies to debut on Sportsmans Channel

New film explores how human-caused climate change is impacting hunting and angling throughout the West
hilary hutcheson and kids
A scene from the film (credit: Jeremy Roberts).

The new film In the Heart of the Rockies debuts tonight on the Sportsmans Channel. The film is the latest from the duo Conservation Hawks and Conservation Media, who brought us the films Convergence, Chrome and, most recently, Cold Waters—all films which explore the impacts that climate change is having on watersheds, fish and anglers around the globe.

This latest film expands its focus beyond the world of anglers (and most specifically fly fishers), investigating how climate change is affecting sportsmen and women throughout the Rocky Mountain west.

Set in the northern Rockies, home to some of the most majestic wilderness and best hunting and fishing opportunities in the lower 48, In the Heart of the Rockies journeys out into the wilderness near West Yellowstone with elk hunter Craig Matthews, down the famed waters of the Henry's fork with anglers Hilary Hutcheson and Todd Tanner and their families, through the upland bird hunting range of the Rocky Mountain front with the Perkins family and ice fishing on the frozen surface of Echo Lake near Glacier National Park with journalist Hal Herring and his two children.

Throughout the film, the passionate hunters and anglers the filmmakers visit with explore and relay the way that human-caused climate change—and the associated record high temperatures, diminishing snowpacks, longer droughts, dying forests and extreme wildfires—is impacting their pastimes and traditions.

The film debuts tonight, February 26 at 7:30PM EST on the Sportsmans Channel, with subsequent airings Wednesday at 1:00PM and Saturday morning at 9:30AM. You can find out more about the film and showtimes by visiting The Sportsmans Channel.