Let's stop the tiny tippet nonsense

Go big on your tippet to give trout a fighting chance
Photo: Earl Harper

One of the more unfortunate fads in fly fishing is the perceived need to cast to and hook trout with what amounts to micro tippet. Granted, today’s monofilament and fluorocarbon technology is pretty stellar, and 18 inches of 7x tippet is stronger now than it was even a decade ago. It’s still overkill.

A newbie learns trout Spey

Exploring the challenges and advantages that come with two-hand casting for trout
Photo: Spencer Durrant.

I repeated the three-step mantra while untangling myself from a mess of shooting line. Years ago, one of my fishing buddies told me Spey casting was a simple, three-step process. His description was the mantra I repeated, but I was starting to doubt my memory since I’d yet to throw a decent cast.

Earlier, before heading to the river, I’d called my friend Brett to see if he wanted to tag along.

“I’m trying out that trout Spey stuff,” I said. “It should be a good time.”

“I can’t today, but let me know how it goes,” he said.

Salmon and mining interests competing over 'new' rivers

As glaciers retreat, salmon and mining companies both seek to lay claim to new habitat
An abandoned mine on the banks of the Tulsequah River in British Columbia (photo: Chris Miller).

As a changing climate forces glaciers to retreat in northern British Columbia and Southeast Alaska, new stretches of river are appearing, and wild, wandering salmon are finding and using this unveiled habitat, a new study finds. And, researchers say, as climate change continues to shrink glaciers, more of this “new” habitat will be exposed and available to Pacific salmon. But, don’t get too excited. Salmon aren’t the only beneficiaries of these newly exposed and soon-to-be free-flowing watersheds.

Speak up for Alaska's Brooks Range by Friday

Public comment period on Ambler Road mining project closes December 22
Photo: Austin Siadak.

Soft-goods manufacturer Patagonia is asking its customer base to engage in a conservation effort in Alaska, where the construction of a 211-mile industrial-grade mining road could lead to the extraction of precious metals from the Ambler Mining District and irreparably damage lands and waters in the remote Brooks Range.

Finding religion on one of Canada's last best Atlantic salmon rivers

Labrador's northernmost scheduled salmon river is also one of its most reliable
Hooked up on Labrador's Flowers River (photo: Camden Spear).

I get it now. For years, I’ve bemoaned the notion that, for some deep-seeded reason known only to those crusty souls who worship at the altar of the Atlantic salmon, their chosen fish sits atop the throne of the fly-fishing monarchy.