Airflo continues two-hand trout line expansion with release of Super-DRI Switch

Still more good news for two-hand casting trout and small stream anglers
Testing grounds for the Airflo Super-DRI Switch.

A few months ago we got a chance to talk about a couple of two-handed casting lines that we first got a chance to tinker with over a year ago, but whose design was only recently finalized by Airflo and line designer Tom Larimer. Back in May, Airflo released the first of these two lines — the Streamer Switch — an integrated line with a skagit style head that is designed for two hand casting (and specifically not for overhead casting) streamers with sink tips. Now, Airflo has brought the Streamer Switch's sister line, the Super-DRI Switch to fly shop shelves.

Both lines are the brainchild of steelhead charmer and spey casting crackerjack Tom Larimer, who has been splicing and welding these two lines for a couple years now in an effort to get them just right. Tom, at this point in his career, may be more advanced spey casting robot than human. So, while you might not want him dating your daughter or helping you settle on a design aesthetic for that bathroom remodel you've been planning, you most certainly want him designing your spey lines.

The Super-DRI Switch may be most easily thought of as a kindler, gentler version of the Streamer Switch. Instead of being best applied in swinging heavy flies on bigger sink tips, Larimer designed the the Super-DRI Switch with a longer, more graceful front taper for use in tossing dries, swinging wet flies and soft hackles or for swinging small, unweighted streamers.

Airflo Super Dri Switch

Like its sister line, the Super-DRI Switch is a fully integrated line. Building an integrated line that avoids the issues presented by a head-tip-and-running line system in close quarters — where anglers are commonly throwing short casts and stripping flies all the way back to their feet — was one of the primary design goals of the Airflo team when building these two lines.

The Airflo Super-DRI Switch is available immediately at the MSRP of $99.95, and they're packaging it with a 10' Airflo floating polyleader. The line is available in line weights 3-6, and grain weights ranging from 210-390.