Airflo Delta II Spey Line
Airflo Delta II Spey Line

Airflo announced yesterday the next iteration of its long bellied spey lines. The new lines include a refresh of Airflo's Delta II spey line redeveloped and redesigned for the first time in 10 years using modern technology and materials, and also include the introduction of a new long bellied spey head. The new Delta II spey head was designed for anglers that want to experience the benefits of casting a longer spey head without needing to change spools, by instead pairing the Delta II spey head with a running line.

Airflo noted, "after 10 years of being the go-to long belly spey line it was time for an upgrade. Taking advantage of new materials and concepts in spey line design, the dream team of Dec Hogan and Tim Rajeff worked some magic to bring forward the new Delta Spey II fly line." Regarding the new long-bellied head, Airflo indicated that "with the introduction of this revised taper, we felt it was time to make the Delta Spey II available in a shooting head configuration."

Airflo Delta II Spey Line specifications

The line specs on the Delta II Spey head are the same as the full Delta II Spey line, minus the integrated running line. The Delta II Spey line will be available for $89.99, while the shooting head version will be priced at $59.99.


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