Redington releases new WRANGLER fly rod + combo kit

Redington adds a new option to its lineup of river-ready combo kids
redington wrangler fly rod
Photo: Farbank Enterprises.

We noted in our recent overview of new fly fishing for April 2023 that Redington seems content to lean into its offering of combo kits designed to simplify the process of getting on the water. Evidently, we were reading the tea leaves correctly, as nary a week later, Redington has introduced another new combo kit featuring its brand-new Wrangler fly rod. Redington is touting the new medium-fast Wrangler as a multi-application — but application specific — rod series and is offering seven different models ranging from 4 to 7 weight.

As part of its effort to simplify the process of gearing up to head to the river (or pond or beach), Redington has tagged each of the models in its new Wrangler series with its intended quarry. The series includes the 4-weight "Pond", the 5-weight "Trout", the 6-weight "Trout XL" (for anglers fishing for larger trout or with larger trout flies), the 7-weight "Bass", the 8-weight "Salmon", and a second 8-weight "Saltwater" for salty pursuits.

redington crosswater reel
The redesigned and updated Redington Crosswater reel [foreground] (photo: Farbank Enterprises).

Each of the seven models in the new Wrangler fly rod series is 9' in length and features an anodized aluminum reel seat. A fighting butt is standard on the 7- and 8-weight models and is optional on the 6-weight Wrangler.

Much like their recently released Original kits, Redington is pairing the Wrangler rods in combo kits with its newly updated Crosswater reel (featuring an updated and improved carbon disc drag), a RIO mainstream fly line, and 100 yards of dacron backing — spooled and ready to use right out of the box.

Retail price for the new Redington Wrangler is $149. In combo kit form (paired with the Redington Crosswater reel and a RIO Mainstream line), the Wrangler runs $249. The Crosswater reel is also available as a standalone purchase for $65.99.