Redington intros TRACE and STRIKE fly rods + 2 new reels

As the season kicks off, so do four new trout-friendly offerings from Redington
redington TRACE fly rod
The new Redington TRACE (photo: Redington).

For obvious reasons, there hasn't been much news or buzz around new gear these days. But, recently, Redington took the wraps off its first new gear offerings of 2020, introducing two new fly rods and reels.

The new Redington TRACE (above) is the successor to Redington's wildly popular Hydrogen rod, one of the most heralded rod offerings in the brand's history. The new TRACE, the folks at Redington tell us, offers anglers all the fine-tuned responsiveness of the Hydrogen, while increasing the rod's versatility. To accomplish this, a bit more backbone and power was added to the rod's tip which, according to Redington, allows the rod to do more things well. Where the Hydrogen was more suited to dry fly angling, the TRACE, available in 2 through 6 weight models, aims to tackle all aspects of trout angling—dries, nymphs and streamers—without making sacrifices.

Redington STRIKE fly rod
The new Redington STRIKE euro-nymphing rod (image: Redington).

The STRIKE is Redington's first rod series dedicated to one of the fastest-growing categories in all of fly fishing: euro-nymphing. Whether you find euro-nymphing to be an uber-effective, high-skill tactic or dull, graceless drudgery, the reality is that euro and other tight-line nymphing styles keep winning over devotees. And with good reason—they catch fish (a lot of fish). Redington's previous euro-nymph offerings, which the STRIKE models replace, were also in the Hydrogen family.

The STRIKE family expands the Redington euro-nymph lineup from 3 models to 5, while bringing a host of features euro-nymphing aficionados will appreciate. The STRIKE rods are finished in matte black to reduce rod flash, a paramount concern of tight-line nymphers that operate in close quarters with their quarry. Tip sensitivity is greatly increased to aid strike detection and presentation, weight has been reduced to limit fatigue, and Redington has added a fighting butt and an extended handle to make it easier to find the ideal balance point regardless of what reel is equipped, simply by changing hand position. It's a unique solution to a common problem w/ euro-nymphing setups that manufacturers keep trying to address.

Redington established its cred for making a high-quality, unmachinable die-cast reel through its best-selling BEHEMOTH reel—whose ultra-affordable, beast-stopping drag brought big-game fighting power to the masses for the first time. According to Redington, they've leveraged a lot of what they learned with the BEHEMOTH in building their latest value-priced, carbon-disc drag powered, die-cast offering—the RUN. Unlike the BEHEMOTH, the RUN isn't aimed at big-game anglers but—with sizes ranging from 3/4 to 7/8—at everything from trout chasers to bonefish stalkers.

Redington RUN fly reel
Image: Redington

Rounding out the new offerings is a new color of Redington's long-tenured RISE—Rose Gold—no doubt a nod to Apple's considerable success with such.

Redington RISE rose gold

All the new products are available immediately from Redington and Redington dealers everywhere.