Major lakes have suffered major water losses over the past few decades

A new study shows that losses are global in both arid and humid regions and could have significant impacts on a quarter of Earth’s population
NASA’s Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission, illustrated here in orbit, will scan lakes and reservoirs, providing new data for global lake water storage estimates (image credit: CNES).

Earth’s lakes are drying up.

Review: Redington Wrangler fly rod combo kit

Redington's purpose-built fly rod combo kits stand out from the pack
Photo: Spencer Durrant

Redington has released a bevy of rod-and-reel combo kits lately, hitting many of the price points that appeal to beginner anglers. It’s a market that’s increasingly saturated, and it’s tough to make something that stands out from the pack.

Fishing tips from the birds

What we learned from the fry guys
Photo: Peter Pearsall/USFWS / cc2.0.

Earl posted up on the shallow lip of a drop-off, his rod armed with a long, skinny streamer that Alaskan rainbows can't seem to ignore. Stretched out below him was an epic tailout that any die-hard fly angler would kill to fish — long and deep and two beats slower than the shallow riffle above it.

Bratwurst as a metaphor for life

The finer points of Bratwurst cooking and culture
Photo: Tom Davis

My wife was pulling overnight Grandma-duty and, left to my own devices for dinner, my thoughts turned toward bratwurst. I’d found a five-pack of the Johnsonville brand in the freezer a couple days earlier and they’d been calling my name in an oom-pah German accent ever since. I usually buy the brats made in-house at Sal’s, my neighborhood grocery store, where the sign out front frequently advertises “OUR BRATS—$2.99.” So how or why I’d come to purchase the pre-packaged Johnsonville variety was, like so much in life, a bit of a mystery.

Chasing geese

When you get a tip on a hot spot, you follow it
Photo: Ruth Hartnup / cc2.0 modified.

When square-jawed actors like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp tell the costar they know a guy, the plot usually entails a homicide or felony. So when my friend Doug leans in and whispers, “I know a guy,” I should sprint for the nearest exit. But Doug’s jaw isn’t uncommonly square, and he has no reason to believe I need to lift some diamonds or dispose of a body. I figure Doug’s guy has something to do with fishing.