Book review: Fly fishing Houston and southeast Texas

A guide to urban fly fishing in one of the U.S.'s largest metropolitan areas
Photo: Chris Hunt

The directions were a bit odd for a meet-up to go fishing. I’ve joined fishing buddies at campsites, mile markers, highway intersections and rural road crossings. I’ve met up at bars and convenience stores. Once I met a buddy from Utah at an abandoned liquor store in the middle of nowhere in southeast Wyoming.

But Rob McConnell’s directions for me as I drove north out of Houston were the strangest I’d ever heard.

Gold medal fisheries take the booby prize for access

The Gunnison and Taylor Rivers, recently designated as gold medal fisheries, suffer from significant access issues
Photo: Justin Forman

In late August of 1989, I sat on the end of my bed inside my Crystal Hall dorm room enduring a bout of internal strife. My roommate hadn’t showed up, and it looked like I might have a single room for my first semester at Western State College of Colorado (Now Western Colorado University). Beer? Or fishing?

I know, I know, don’t they go together like feet and socks? Yes, but this is a nuanced story, so bear with me.

The Fly Fishing Show kicks off its 2023 tour

The annual bonanza of fly fishing gear, seminars, films, and more will visit six U.S. cities
Photo: Ben Furmisky.

The Fly Fishing Show kicked off its 2023, six-city tour yesterday in Marlborough, MA. For many anglers, the show is an annual pilgrimage—one where they can ogle, shop for, and even try out new gear; take in seminars and presentations on everything from casting to fly fishing travel; meet celebrity fly tyers and watch them at their craft; lay their hands on for hard-to-find fly tying supplies; and much more.

Fly rods for beginner and intermediate anglers

Tempted to go fast? It might be best to slow down.
Photo: Todd Tanner

As a fly fishing writer, as well as a fly fishing and casting instructor, one simple question seems to keep popping again and again.

“I want to buy one rod for my fly fishing. What’s the best overall trout rod?”

The standard response from long-time fly fishing industry members is actually pretty simple.

New fly fishing gear: January 2023

Fresh gear to start the year
The new Patagonia Swiftcurrent Men's Wading Jacket (photo: Bryan Gregson).

Each year, after the holiday season is behind us all, many anglers start peering ahead. Ahead roughly, say, three or four months—to the somewhat rapidly approaching new fishing season. Or, if you’re a dedicated wintertime angler or live in parts of the country that remain hospitable to anglers throughout the entire year, fishing season never ends.

Giving a nod to both groups, manufacturers are rolling out new wares for the coming year. With rods, reels, waders, fly tying gear, and more, there’s plenty to pore over. Here are a few of this month’s highlights.