Giant Trevally
Photo: Dr. Dwayne Meadows.

If you've ever fished for Giant trevally, you know that it introduces its own unique set of challenges. The biggest of the jack family (Carangidae), GT are ferocious predators. Due to their aggressive nature, GT are considered less difficult to hook than many other tropical saltwater species that are often targeted on the fly. The challenges when fishing for GT comes in the form of casting big, heavy rods and large flies and, once they've been hooked, holding on and hoping your gear holds on long enough to land them.

Continuing its expansion of its specialty fly lines, RIO has released a new line specifically targeted at GT fishermen. According to RIO, its new GT line is "built on an ultra strong core and is designed with a short, heavy head to carry big flies on powerful fly rods. The powerful front taper casts very large flies with ease, but the biggest benefit of this line is the core strength. The extremely tough core has a breaking strength in excess of 50 pounds to easily battle large fish and to resist cuts from coral and rock structures."

RIO Giant Trevally Line

The GT line is not rod-weighted, but is available in three grain weights of 400, 475 and 550 grains. All three sizes have a 36 foot head. The line has an MSRP of $89.95 and is available immediately.