It's been a while since we've done the attributive journalism thing, so it seemed like a good time to pass along a few recommendations on some of the other good fishing junk out there that you should be reading. This lot sort of runs the gamut on topic matter and tone, but all are good reads.

Hunting and Fishing in America: “All Dollars, No Sense”

This excellent piece by Beau Beasley serves as a reminder to how hard hit outdoorsmen were by last year's government shutdown and gives an insightful look at how poorly natural resources are prioritized in our governmental budgets, despite how much they give back, not only in intangibles but in terms of huge injections of money into our economy.

Going Two Handed

Louis Cahill has put together an nice writeup on the virtues, joys and complexities of two hand casting and why you should be doing it. And Louis is right. As a person that started spey casting a few years ago, I can tell you that it opens up a whole new world within the sport. It doesn't hurt that it is hard to imagine a more enjoyable and rewarding way of casting. Still, I've remained very much a novice, breaking out my spey rod only a few times a year and thus far staying only on the fringes of the switch game. Louis piece, Making the Switch to Two-Handed Casting has served as a kick in the ass to remind me how much I love spey casting and to make it a goal to get a switch rod on the water as much as possible this year.

Save the Puffers

Puffer ball toys are all the rage these days. Just not with kids. While I'm sure most kids do what mine do, and toss those things into the "ignore" pile within a day or two of a friend or relative giving them one, fly tyers have taken quite a shine to them. As it turns out, they make great fly tying fodder and tyers are finding all manner of creative ways to use them. Michael Agneta over at Troutrageous is making a plea for the preservation of the wild puffer, and does so with a very entertaing (and surprisingly lengthy) expose.