Our most popular articles of 2015 - Part I

A look at what's been cranking gears so far in 2015
Rainbow Trout
From 'Tanner's extra special #1 best ever nymphing tip' (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Our primary goal here at Hatch Magazine is to offer anglers a diversified and engaging window on the world of fly fishing. This is precisely why you'll find content that includes product reviews, gear news, stories and narratives, articles on tips and technique, photo essays, coverage of conservation issues and more.

Periodically, we like to take a check the numbers and see which articles hit home the most with our readers. In our look at the first half of this year, we see that — much like our most popular articles of 2014 — articles about tips and technique are once again amongst the favorites. Additionally, as our fisheries continue to face mounting challenges, conservations issues have become incredibly important to many anglers. And it shows. In fact, our coverage of some of our most the most pressing concerns currently facing anglers — namely climate change and threats to our public lands — have been read by more anglers than any of our other articles this year.


Spey casting guru and steelhead whisperer Tom Larimer's 7 tips for getting lucky with winter steelhead was our most read article in January. Check it out for tips on how to find the "couch water" in your favorite steelhead river.


Our nation's public lands — where many of us spend the majority of our time fishing and hunting — are facing increasing threats. Ty Hansen's in depth look Exposing the effort to seize America's public lands provides one of the most comprehensive views available anywhere of the issue, some of the major players and the consequences facing anglers.


Todd Tanner's work is always compelling, but perhaps never more so than when he writes about conservation. Todd helped pen this Open letter to America's anglers. In the time since its publication, it has become one of the most widely read articles ever published here at Hatch Magazine, has been reprinted (with permission) in numerous other online and print publications and has even been translated for publication in other languages.


This rod will help you cast longer. So will that line. But who cares? Didn't you know that Short casts catch more fish?.


Nymphing is a thing that simply clicks for some and is a mystery for others. If you count yourself amongst that latter group, perhaps you should take the time to read Todd Tanner's extra special #1 best ever nymphing tip.


Speaking of things just "clicking," that's often the way fly casting can be for beginners. Some first-time or otherwise novice casters just get it, while others struggle to find their rhythm. If you're struggling, it might be because you're missing the point and finding it might simply be a matter of leaving the rod home during your next practice session. And yes, you read that correctly. Get the scoop in Don't blame your fly rod for your lousy casting.