RIO Level "T" sink tips
RIO Level "T" sink tips

RIO's "ultra-low stretch" ConnectCore technology has received a lot of positive feedback since it was introduced. Put roughly, fly lines are made of a supple plastic coating wrapped around a of supple plastic core line. Supple plastic tends to stretch. And, by in large, if you're looking for quick hook sets, efficient mending and good line feel -- line stretch is bad. With its ConnectCore technology, RIO looked to solve many of these stretch-related issues by creating a line core that with considerably little stretch. Anglers have responded positively, and as a result, RIO has been introducing ConnectCore into more and more of its lines. Most recently, RIO has announced a new line of ConnectCore-based sink tips called the In Touch Level "T".

The tungsten-powder coated tips come in all the expected sink rates (T-8, T-11, T-14 and T-17). RIO says the lines are supple and kink-free, and that "because they are built on RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, the tips are extremely sensitive to soft grabs and ensure fast, solid hook sets." The tips come in 30 foot sections with front and back welded loops. If you're really into sink tips, you can buy the new Level "T" lines in 500-foot spools, too, and cut tips to your desired lengths.

The new tips are also color coded to make for easier living and quicker on-the-river line changes. T-8 tips are dark red, T-11 is dark green, T-14 is dark blue, T-17 is gray, and T-20 is black.

Each of the 30 foot Level "T" tips are $29.95, bulk spools are $249.95.


Wait. I'm a bit lost here.

Welded loops at each end of a 30 foot tip? Who's tossing a 30 foot sink tip?

I love the color coding, but I guess I'll be looking for a shop that has the bulk spools and a loop welding machine will be welding/building my own.

No one else is confused here? Just me? :)

The 30' ones with the loops are intended to be cut to length to reach the desired grain weight. So you'll wind up with two pieces that have loops on one end.