RIO introduces new InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads

Two-handed anglers have several new triple-density options for swinging flies
RIO InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads
Photo: RIO Products

Triple density fly lines and shooting heads have become increasingly popular over the last few years. First introduced in single hand lines, triple density shooting are now available from several manufacturers including this new offering from RIO, its InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads. Truth be told, these lines aren't brand new to RIO's lineup—they've been in RIO's UK and Scandinavian markets for a couple years now—but this is the first time RIO has made them available in the U.S.

We've been fishing triple density lines on both single-hand and two-handed rods for years and prefer them over their more modular alternatives. And, if you've spent any time fishing multi-density lines, you likely know the reasons for their popularity.

Lines that either feature a single density sinking section—or even setups with multiple densities of sinking material, but with instantaneous changes between materials—typically hinge where changes in line density occurs. Lines with tapered density changes avoid this issue and typically offer better energy transfer throughout the length of the line, which translates into better and easier casting. In our experience, they also sink in a way that makes it easier to visualize where your fly is in the water column and different times throughout the swing as well as making that swing easier to control and manage.

RIO is offering its InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads in 3 flavors, each which mix three different densities across a 34' taper profile. The Float/Hover/Intermediate (or FLOAT / 1IPS / 2IPS) is intended for fishing flies in the first 3 feet of the water column, the Hover/Intermediate/Sink3 (or 1IPS / 2IPS / 3IPS) for fishing 2 to 5 feet below the surface and the (or 2IPS / 3IPS / 5IPS) and the Intermediate/Sink3/Sink5 for fishing 4 to 10 feet below the surface.

Like all of RIO's like that feature the "InTouch" moniker, these heads are built around RIO’s "ultra-low stretch" ConnectCore, which RIO touts as offering increased sensitivity and quicker hook sets. All three InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads retail for 54.99 and are available immediately.