Fishpond Yampa Guide Pack
Fishpond Yampa Guide Pack

It’s a small statement. The only kind that I make these days. I’ve tilted my fair share of windmills over the years; pushed long enough that I now do my protesting quietly, personally, with my actions or with my wallet. So you might not recognize it, but, as I wade these tidal basins with my Fishpond® Yampa Guide Pack on my back, I’m speaking my mind.

For a start, I’m talking recycling. The Yampa is part of Fishpond’s Cyclepond line, constructed from nylon that has been recycled and reclaimed from commercial fishing net. 27% less consumption of natural resources than virgin nylon. 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Less going to the landfill. We should be building everything with these kinds of goals in mind. There’s a planet to save.

And, as a North Carolina-based angler, I see the repurposing of commercial nets as a good end to a bad business. Despite the more progressive stances taken by its neighbors to both the north and the south, the state remains a battleground on the issue of gamefish protection for striped bass, redfish, and speckled trout as well as a back alley for the fistfight between commercial fisherman and sportsman/conservationists over the by-catch abuses of estuary gill netting. The application of spent net to support my catch-and-release endeavors whispers a certain ironic symmetry. Swords into plowshares.

Thankfully, making a statement doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. The Yampa’s a mighty fine piece of gear. I live a constant struggle with finding the right vest/lumbar/sling/backpack combination for my wide variety of outings, filling the niches with some of the best-built stuff in the world; SmithFly, Filson, Simms. The Fishpond Yampa Guide Pack fills in my “out for a long day but don’t need the kitchen sink” slot quite nicely. Its two large compartments gobble up gear and the zip down foam bench keeps me from fumbling flies everywhere. It rides well, comfortably, and cool on my hips and even allows me to carry two bottles of Mt. Dew (or one Dew and one brew) in its dual exterior “water bottle” pockets.

But while it’s a fine functional piece, it’s the Yampa’s materials that do the talking. Fishpond’s saying the right things with its Cyclepond line. Save our resources. Save our gamefish. Save our planet.

Now it’s your turn. Make a statement.