Review: Vedavoo Spinner Deluxe Daypack

Keeping it clean in what might be the last day pack you'll ever need
vedavoo spinner deluxe daypack
Photo: Uncredited

The vast majority of my fishing is done on foot, typically for 6 hours at a time or more. I always plan to spend as much of the day on the water as possible, which makes daypacks (and their oft integrated, supporting chest packs or gear pouches) designed for angling are of particular import to my days on the river.

Vedavoo has designed the last daypack I might ever need in the Spinner Deluxe Day Pack. Much like the company’s Beast Sling Pack, it has everything you need and nothing you don’t, along with incredibly clever fitting functionality that gives you the comfort you need when hiking, while keeping you balanced, clean and giving you easy access to all of your gear when you need it.

What Works

The Space
With 900 cubic inches (about 15L) carrying capacity in the main pack and 130 cubic inches (about 2L) capacity in the gear pouch, it’ll hold everything you need for a day-long mission on foot as long—not just your fishing gear such as fly boxes, tippet, leaders and so on but also rain gear, first aid, lunch, hydration, other beverages and more.

The Fit
If a pack doesn't fit well, it won't be comfortable during your hikes in or while it's riding on you back and shoulders all day long—rendering how many pockets or features it has, what material it is made from and so on completely meaningless. Thankfully, the Vedavoo Spinner Daypack is built to ride with balance and comfort in a variety of situations. The adjustable primary chest strap spreads wide for total comfort when hiking, then cinches closer together to bring the pack up higher up on your shoulders ensuring it stays out of the water yet still completely balanced when you’ve got your rod and rig in action. Thanks to this adjustable strap system, the pack rides high and comfortable when it matters most: when you’re in the water making casts and trying to get it done.

vedavoo spinner deluxe daypack
Photo: uncredited

Ride the gear pouch on the back of the daypack while hiking, then detach to expose the strap, sling it over one shoulder and slide it back behind you when you’re ready for action. It’ll stay out of the way, keeping your chest area clean, while providing easy, immediate access to your core gear like fly boxes, leaders and tippet.

When used without the gear pouch, sling one arm off the pack and slide it around to the front of your chest for easy access to the top front pouch which will hold multiple fly boxes and more via three loops.

Thanks to thoughtful and creative design, the Spinner Deluxe Daypack functions as not just a backpack/daypack with two size/carrying capacity options, but also—should you choose to use it that way—as a backpack/chest pack combo.

The Smart, Thoughtful Touches
When secured with its buckles, the top of the pack provides a great pass-through space perfectly suited for a rain jacket. The expandable side pockets will hold anything from rod tubes (including side compression straps) to big water bottles or snacks. There is also a loop on the ‘back of the lid’ perfect for hooking up a net rig.

vedavoo spinner deluxe daypack
Using the Spinner Deluxe without the included gear pouch (photo: uncredited).

Hydration Friendly
The Spinner Deluxe Daypack comes with an internal hydration pouch, a necessary element that would be missed if absent.

What Doesn’t

It’ s hard to find anything that doesn’t work with this system, but there are two things I’d like to see added.

A Waterproof Pocket
I’d love to see the small pocket intended for keys and a phone on the gear pouch included with the Deluxe model lined with plastic to provide an added layer of protection for sensitive items like phones or key fobs.

An ARC Tippet Pack
The three-inch loop on the front of the chest pack is clearly built for Vedavoo’s ARC Tippet Pack. If you order a Spinner Deluxe Pack without one, you will immediately wish you had. The Vedavoo team should either up the price enough to cover the inclusion of this piece or strongly recommend to buyers that they add one to their cart when ordering this pack.

Final Word

Customizable in your choice of color combinations, immensely capable, thoughtfully designed and full of daylong functionality, the Vedavoo Spinner Deluxe Daypack is the best in its class that I’ve ever used. Buy one with confidence if your hike-in or on-foot fishing habits necessitate this type of pack. Just make sure you order an ARC Tippet Pack to go along with it.

Pro-tip: Watch Scott Hunter’s video about how to get the most out of the pack, lest you miss out on its functionality and a few hidden features before you hit the water.