Thanks Chad for putting up with a grumpy guide. Great photos and memories of the trip. You and the crew are welcome in my boat any time!

Hey Chad,

Which trip do you recommend? I've been considering a trip to BC and I've decided on Fernie as my ideal destination. I'd like to do the "Remote Bull River" multi Day Package or the "Fly Fishing on a Shoe String" At the Red Tree Lodge, but can't decide between them. Thanks.


Matt -

I'm not sure where the package names you're referring come from, but at the risk of providing you with a non-answer I'd say confidently that if you reach out to Paul Samycia at Elk River Guiding Co., you'll be getting reliable, honest information. Whatever the case, after spending time in the Fernie area, you'll realize it is nearly impossible to make a bad choice.

Other than that, if you're looking for specifics on any of the rivers we fished in the area, I'm happy to provide more feedback.


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