Combo deal: Lamson's new reel, with rod included

Waterworks-Lamson's new 'Center Axis' all-in-one rod and reel
The Waterworks-Lamson 'Center Axis' (photo: Kris Millgate).
There's a large, shallow, rectangular casting pond at the International Fly Tackle Dealer's show in Florida. I stare at it more than I use it. It's the show-off spot. That's where you go when your arm's on fire and you have a double haul you think deserves to be on display.

My arm rarely heats up in man-made conditions. I need fresh air to get the most out of my casting. There's no fresh air in a convention center no matter how high the a/c is cranked so I don't cast much at the show.

Sadistic insanity on the Snake

Are the authors of H.R. 3144 too stupid or too evil to be in charge of managing an already teetering wild steelhead and salmon population?
Photo: Uncredited
I’m so pissed that I have to resort to cliché. And not that idiotic one, “that’s why they call it fishing and not catching,” intended to justify a fruitless day on the water. Hell, these days I’d kill for the chance to step into my homewater and futilely swing flies through a river full of wild steelhead. But unfortunately, that’s not a possibility because when it comes to steelhead management, we’ve gone insane.

Nissan's new hitch cam offers easy, solo trailer hookup

The new Titan is poised to save friendships, marriages and time
Photo: Kris Millgate
This is going to save my marriage. That's my first thought as I stare at the truck dash glowing with the view of a boat ready for hitch. I just finished fishing for tarpon in Florida's Treasure Coast. Truth be told, I tanked. I couldn't help myself. I stopped stripping line to stare at tarpon, which look like dolphins compared to trout. They were on to me as soon as my fly stopped twitching. I didn't hook a single fish, but I looked at a lot of them.


The Ozarks thrust up while creeks slowly carved hollows and ridges
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain
The pool is barely wider than my 9-foot rod. Riffles are mere trickles. The creek disappears just beyond the next pool, filtering through porous karst into the soil and stone itself for several yards  and then back to the surface. You don't come here for a lot of smallmouths or for big smallmouths, which is probably why barely anyone comes here at all.

Review: Winston Nimbus fly rod

The new Nimbus offers bold new looks but classic Winston action
Photo: Spencer Durrant
This year, Winston broke from tradition to introduce two completely new rod families—the Nimbus and the Kairos. The Nimbus doesn’t stray as far from Winston’s pedigree as the Kairos, though its “Big Sky Blue” color does stand out in amidst a sea of classic Winston green.