September blues

In early autumn, the bluefish come for the saltwater and stay for the bait
Photo: V. Ersagek / CC BY 2.0 / modified
The sun hung low in a Tidewater haze, spilling persimmon and violet bands of light into the Chesapeake Bay. No one spoke, held tightly by the grasp of a stiff September morning chill.

Trout fishing the fall: Tackling low water

Tips for dealing with challenging autumn conditions
Photo: Chad Shmukler
Fishing is never better or worse, I say, just different. That said, September might just be the worst month of the year for trout fishing in the Southern Appalachians, second only to August, perhaps, or October in years when the rain comes late. Either way, low, warm water is the name of the game during this period, and knowing how to tackle it both tactically and responsibly will help you to become a better, more versatile angler, and save you from spending some of the most beautiful days of the year inside doing less important things.

Patagonia wants to buy back your used gear

The new Worn Wear trade-in program makes recycling and upgrading your gear easier than ever
Photo: Patagonia
Have an old shirt, fleece or jacket taking up space in your garage or basement? What about a backpack or a piece of luggage? Well, Patagonia wants it. And they want to pay you for it. Well, sort of. Through it's new Worn Wear trade-in program, Patagonia wants you to swap your old gear for credit towards any products you might buy in the future, with the hopes of getting your perfectly good but no-longer-your-favorite piece of gear in the hands of someone else, reducing Patagonia's need to manufacture new products to meet those customers' needs.

Fly fishing Pittsburg—the other one

In between global fly fishing Meccas lie fishing towns outside of the limelight that offer world class angling
Photo: Matthew Reilly
Modern fly fishing culture being as travel-centric as it is, a handful of worldly destinations have been documented heavily by the media. Montana, Patagonia, Bolivia, New Zealand—all tout excellent fishing opportunities and tug at the wallets and lives of anglers worldwide. But in between these global fly fishing Meccas lie fishing towns that operate outside of the limelight, but nevertheless offer world class angling. Pittsburg—no, not the one you’re thinking—is one such.


The blurry line between squirrel hunting and religion
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain
So he was starving, he was delirious, and he crawls up in this motte, like this group of trees out there in the middle of nowhere sticking up in this ocean of scrub.
And he found religion.
In that moment, he told me, he found God.
And it turns out, that God, he’s a squirrel.
Yeah, big ol meaty one.
I found God, he used to say.
While I was sitting there basking in the sublimity of mercy, I shot and ate that son of a bitch.

~ John Fitzgerald from the Revenant