Redington aims to shake up reels, again, with its new GRANDE

The new have-it-all reel offering from Redington
The GRANDE takes a break from sea-run brown trout duty in Tierra del Fuego (photo: Chad Shmukler).

It would be grossly incorrect to say that innovation is rare in the world of fly reels. A bevy of reel makers are constantly looking for new ways to innovate—better drag systems, lighter weight frame designs, increased backing capacity, greater line pickup per revolution—and so on. Innovation in these areas is relatively constant and makes it way to anglers with regularity. What is rare in the world of fly reels, however, is the kind of anglers that have access to those innovations.

Patagonia and Danner introduce the last wading boot you'll ever buy

Patagonia's latest offering aims to change the way you think about yet another piece of gear
Photo: T. Davis

Patagonia likes big ideas. Sitting around the kitchen table of a rented Cape Cod cottage in Harwich, Masachusetts some time ago, we had gathered to test and discuss one of those big ideas—Patagonia's ultra-packable Middle Fork Waders, which, with their compact form factor and innovative use of materials—have since served to transform the way many anglers think about staying dry when standing in a river. But, try as they might, the folks from Patagonia couldn't help but stray the conversation to another idea, one that was still considerably under development.

Tips for Rocky Mountain cutthroat

The best flies, gear, tactics and locations for the Rockies' native trout
Photo: Chris Hunt

Throughout the West, in hidden streams and backcountry rivers, one of the continent’s signature trout is busy looking up.

With July comes cutthroat trout season.

Certainly, some of us have been catching cutties for weeks—even months if we braved the snow and the cold on rivers that remain open all year. But between now and the middle of September here in the Rockies, cutthroats on big, gaudy dry flies don’t get much easier to catch.

Hatch Magazine honored with four 'Excellence in Craft' awards

Writing and photography recognized by the OWAA
One of the award winning shots in Earl Harper's photo essay, 'Greenland Rising' (photo: Earl Harper).

Each year for what will soon be a century, many of the nation's best outdoor writers, editors and publishers gather for the Outdoor Writers Association of America's (OWAA) annual conference. The OWAA, founded in 1927, is the largest and oldest association of professional outdoor communicators.

Winston intros new PURE dry fly rod and saltwater AIR

Two new rods are coming from Winston for 2019
Photo: Winston Rods.

Earlier this week, R.L. Winston announced two new rod models in advance of this years International Fly Tackle Dealers (IFTD) show in Orlando, Florida. Winston's new offerings include its new "light line" PURE series, and a saltwater-focused version of its popular AIR rods, which debuted at IFTD in 2016.