The ghost of Bob Arnold

Patience is rewarded more than action
Photo: Chad Shmukler
Running up the passage between the rock garden and the shore, I open the outboard’s throttle. Five horses give me all they've got. There are three buoys which delimit the boulder water. I cut inside the first one knowing that the shark fin boulder on my left is only a sentry. There’s still plenty of deep water before the real peril. Cutting right just a few yards from shore, I cruise through the shallow water. Someone watching from the far shore would think this run reckless, but they can’t see me in the fog.

Review: Hardy Zephrus Ultralite fly rod

The new $700 offering from Hardy puts itself in the conversation for best fly rod on the market
Photo: Spencer Durrant
Hardy’s Zenith rods, discontinued when the Wraith and Zephrus lines were introduced a few years ago, are among some of the most-loved sticks in recent memory.

Like the Zenith, Wraith, Zephrus and all Hardy rods from the last decade or so, the blanks for the new Zephrus Ultralite family are rolled in Korea. Perhaps surprisingly to some, where a blank is rolled or a rod is assembled doesn’t impact its performance or quality. In fact, the new Zephrus Ultralite from Hardy is likely my favorite fly rod currently on the market.

Photo: Corey Haselhuhn
Mike Schultz is the owner of Schultz Outfitters Fly Shop & Guide Service, which specializes in southeastern Michigan angling, instruction, and destination travel. Born and raised in the great state of Michigan, Schultzy has been immersed in the outdoors his entire life. Logging countless hours on the water each year, Schultzy has developed a vast knowledge of Midwestern waters and beyond. The bulk of his guiding and angling takes place on his home waters of southeastern Michigan; these rivers offer world-class warm-water fishing.

Review: Korkers Women's Darkhorse Wading Boot

Korker's new offering brings Boa lacing to women anglers for the first time
Angler Kate Taylor swaps her Korkers soles (photo: Greg Holder).
I absolutely need to be back in three hours and I’m two hours out. That gives me one more hour to fish.

We’re fishing a backwater section of the Snake’s South Fork on a calm, sunny, fall afternoon. Healthy-sized trout cruise here because the bugs are plentiful and the current is scarce. It’s easy eating for fish and easy spotting for us.

I chose this fishing hole because of its varied terrain. Dirt trail to river’s edge, clean cobble crossing the outlet, thick vegetation while wading the hole. Decent variety for testing new wading boots.

RIO introduces new InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads

Two-handed anglers have several new triple-density options for swinging flies
Photo: RIO Products
Triple density fly lines and shooting heads have become increasingly popular over the last few years. First introduced in single hand lines, triple density shooting are now available from several manufacturers including this new offering from RIO, its InTouch Scandi 3D shooting heads. Truth be told, these lines aren't brand new to RIO's lineup—they've been in RIO's UK and Scandinavian markets for a couple years now—but this is the first time RIO has made them available in the U.S.