Out there in the dark

Our DNA remembers
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain
It’s about 15 minutes before graying of the eastern horizon, and I’m sitting in a tree overlooking the head of a steep draw. Everything for the hunt is in place here, 25 feet up a pine. All the shuffling and adjusting is over and I turn the light off. A tiny shudder tremors up my spine in the blackness. But it ain’t because I’m cold.

Orwellian: Patagonia responds to taunts from Bishop, House committee

You "will seek to sell off our public lands at every turn"
Image: Patagonia
According to Walter Shaub, the former director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT) may face charges of ethics violations as a result of the use of official House Natural Resources Committee communications channels in attacking apparel manufacturer Patagonia, made in response to Patagonia's continued efforts to educate Americans on threats to U.S. public lands.

Tips for nymping with tiny flies

Why we often don't, but should
Big fish eat tiny flies (photo: Chad Shmukler).
I’d rather fish larger nymphs, but there’s a corner of my fly box dedicated to flies that imitate tiny critters too. And trout seem to ask for them often enough.

Fishing extra-small nymphs is a little different than fishing the standard fare, and for many anglers it’s hard to have confidence in them. But a few refinements in tackle, rigging and onstream approach can help make the most of the itty-bittys.

Redington's new i.D. reel brings custom artwork, finishes to the masses

With over 30 swappable designs already available
Redington introduced it's new i.D. reel at this year's IFTD show in Orlando (photo: Chad Shmukler).
Redington continues to bring new and compelling reels to the market. Last year, Redington refreshed its long-tenured, CNC-machined RISE reel with an updated and upgraded design and improvements to its carbon disc drag system. In the year prior, Redington introduced its wildly successful BEHEMOTH reel—a uniquely designed, affordable die-cast reel squarely aimed at bringing big fish-fighting abilities to the masses, something typically reserved for those that could afford to spend upwards of $500 on high-end fly reels. This year, Redington introduced its new i.D.

A toast to the past

The best stories always start the same way
Photo: USFS
Have you ever noticed that the very best outdoor stories always start off with the same three words? “Do you remember ...?”

The tale might be about almost anything - the time your father killed that nice buck, the night you and your friend were lost in the snowstorm, the day your young pup pointed his first covey (or retrieved his first duck, or ran into his first porcupine). To be honest, the actual story, the particulars, don’t matter all that much. Instead, it’s the unstated implication behind the question.