A long overdue journey to the famous Leopold Shack
The Leopold Shack (photo: USFS).

On the day after his 48th birthday, Aldo Leopold took a drive that would not only change his life, but would change the course of conservation, the way people write about nature and the outdoors, and the way we think about the environment and our place in it.

How to make your only cast count

With trial, perhaps a bit less error
Photo: Chad Shmukler

We’d ditched the drift boat under the shade of a massive willow, and I was walking with Peter through the brush along a froggy side channel of Argentina’s Rio Collon Cura.

Peter, our guide for the day, had pushed the boat up against some soft sand and simply said, “Come with me. I have a feeling.”

Patagonia is giving away the $10 million it made from 'irresponsible' Trump tax cuts

Company's 'urgent gift' to the planet aims to combat 'pure evil'
Conway Summit area in the eastern Sierras of California (photo: BLM).

Outdoor apparel and equipment giant Patagonia, which has become increasingly activist and at odds with the actions of the Trump administration, announced today that it is giving away the entirety of 10 million dollars in unexpected cash it will have on hand as a result of what it calls Trump's "irresponsible tax cuts."

Winter fly fishing: A different world

Winter is the most unique of all fly fishing seasons
Photo: Joe Rossi

Spring, summer, and autumn remain distinctly different seasons of the year yet fish in a faintly similar fashion. Blue-winged olives are a staple spring and fall hatch, while a reasonably sized elk hair caddis will produce fish more often than not for three-quarters of the year.