Pike tips from the Cree

The where, when, what and why of pike fishing
Photo: Chris Hunt

Canada’s First Nations people of the far north are viscerally connected to the region’s fish and have been for eons. Even today, many North Country lodges and outfitters hire native guides to run anglers around the thousands upon thousands of boreal lakes, simply because these people know the water, the fish and the environment.

A modern time machine

Travel to an earlier time, while you still can
Photo: Matthew Reilly

The outdoor sporting lot, perhaps more than any other breed I’ve met, seem to share a desire to see an earlier time, when parking lots and strip malls were still farms, and the feedlots were still unfelled valley forests—filters of rich freshwater veins.

Review: ECHO Dry fly rod

Tim Rajeff's dry fly specialist is effective and affordable
Photo: Cosmo Genova

I’ve never been a purist and will do just about anything to get a fish to eat, but there is something undeniably special about dry fly fishing. When the conditions are right on a river like the Delaware, I’d almost rather search for hours without a cast, waiting for a rise, than to pound the bottom where I might have better luck.