Review: Cheeky Tyro Fly Reel

Cheeky's entry-level reel offers much more than entry-level quality and performance
Photo: Chad Love
I am a cheap bastard. Whether this condition is the natural by-product of a lifetime of lower-to-lowest middle-class purchasing power or an inherent part of my genetic makeup, I cannot say. All I know is I’ve never paid more than $200 for a rod or reel of any iteration (fly, baitcaster, spinning, whatever), and considering the current depressing arc of my income level, I probably never will.

Sage tops IFTD 2017 with its second straight 'Best of Show' award

The new SALT HD fly rod helps Sage repeat at IFTD
The new Sage SALT HD fly rod (photo: Chad Shmukler).
The annual IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealers) show came to a close last Friday in Orlando, Florida. Each year, the culmination of the show's exhibits is the the 'Party at the Pond' where the winners for 'Best of Show' in 30 different categories are announced. This year, Sage was awarded with the show's highest honor for the second year in a row, with its new SALT HD fly rod.

A workshop on seeing

Looking through the eyes of artist Jim Morgan
Courtesy: Jim Morgan
When Jim Morgan goes afield with something definite in mind, searching a particular subject in a particular setting that will “make” a painting, he’s almost always brought to ruin. Far better, he’s learned, simply to go and take what comes, staying open to possibilities, trusting in serendipity as an article of faith. If you put yourself in the right places in the right frame of mind—keeping alert, taking pains to notice even the smallest, seemingly most insignificant details of the environment—over time you’ll be rewarded.

With friends like Ryan Zinke, who needs enemies?

It's time for sportsmen to get real about our Secretary of Interior
Photo: Lance Cheung
In Kipling’s The Jungle Book, bandar-log (monkey people) are hypnotized by the gyrations of Kaa, the python. They then march zombie-like into his gaping jaws.

That scene comes to mind whenever I hear sportsmen gush about anti-environmental bureaucrats and politicians simply because they pretend to hunt and fish, have kids who hunt and fish or, as with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, do hunt and fish.