Patagonia is giving away the $10 million it made from 'irresponsible' Trump tax cuts

Company's 'urgent gift' to the planet aims to combat 'pure evil'
Conway Summit area in the eastern Sierras of California (photo: BLM).

Outdoor apparel and equipment giant Patagonia, which has become increasingly activist and at odds with the actions of the Trump administration, announced today that it is giving away the entirety of 10 million dollars in unexpected cash it will have on hand as a result of what it calls Trump's "irresponsible tax cuts."

Winter fly fishing: A different world

Winter is the most unique of all fly fishing seasons
Photo: Joe Rossi

Spring, summer, and autumn remain distinctly different seasons of the year yet fish in a faintly similar fashion. Blue-winged olives are a staple spring and fall hatch, while a reasonably sized elk hair caddis will produce fish more often than not for three-quarters of the year.

Hook set

When trout fishing, one should ignore the 'no trout sets' mentality
Photo: Mike Sepelak

The point was sharp as a tack. That wasn’t the problem. The foam hopper floated just fine, its hook angled properly, and my light hangover was just a dull buzz in the background and had no appreciable effect on my reflexes. So why was I missing fish after fish, hookset after hookset?

Review: Winston PURE fly rod

A close look at Winston's new dry fly specialist
Photo: Spencer Durrant

About a month ago, I finally got my hands on a 9’ 4wt review model of the PURE. Winston bills this rod as a light-line presentation stick for wary trout – much in the same way the company’s vaunted IM6 and WT series have been described.

The PURE isn’t a “modern” version of those classic rods, which is a good thing. The PURE stands on its own, much as the B3LS did, and performs admirably in most classic trout fishing situations. It may not be the company’s flagship rod, but at $850, it’s priced as a flagship stick for dry-fly enthusiasts.