The charming hamlet of Lordville

Russian spies, murder, mayhem and a fishing story; sort of
Photo: John Fedorka

Traveling the mountain roads of the Delaware River Valley from Milford, Pennsylvania to Hancock, New York, Dad looks at his watch, puts his hand back on the wheel, and then checks his watch again before braking hard and muttering, “We have to do it.” Yanking the wheel and stepping on the gas, we accelerate past a sign that reads “Lordville Rd.”

New 2018-19 fly fishing gear: Standout rods

Notable new rod offerings for 2018 and 2019
Photo: Hatch Magazine

A few weeks ago, the fly fishing industry gathered as it does each year, to showoff its best new products at the annual IFTD (International Fly Tackle Dealer) show in Orlando, Florida—before the show moves to Denver, Colorado in 2019. As always, a bevy of new rods were introduced. What follows are some of this year's standouts.

The glove

Nobody deserves misery but sometimes it's just your turn
Photo: Chad Love

I know exactly—sort of—when I lost the glove. I was standing there on the back deck of a bass boat, freezing my ass off and trying to keep sleet off my camera lens, while my boat driver droned on endlessly about that goddamned fried chicken.

Review: Orvis Plier

A close look at Orvis' revamped, premium fishing pliers
Photo: Cosmo Genova

The last year or so has been a big one for Orvis. They made a splash with new products like the Ultralight Wading system, the Mirage line of reels, the Orvis Nippers, and the masterpiece that is the Helios 3. With one stellar product after another, Orvis affirmed their direction and place in the industry. Another one of those products is the result of Orvis' attempt to breathe new life into its plier game, with a modern design that is a significant overhaul of past models.

5 fly casting tips

Fighting tailing loops, lazy loops, finding your stroke length and more
Casting on Nez Perce Creek in Yellowstone National Park (photo: John Juracek).

In the process of teaching fly casting, certain faults of technique show up regularly among my students. In the notes I send to each student after a lesson, I find myself frequently reiterating certain basic principles. Here are a few of the most common. I hope they’ll stimulate you to think about your own casting.