Kype Magazine's George Douglas, steelhead and salmon fishing guide and prolific author, is seeking support for a new book project he's dubbed 'The Fishing Gods'. The book, which seems to be already complete, features sixteen of the world's most prominent fishing guides who reveal their stories, techniques, approaches and favorite flies. The flies featured in the book have been photographed and the book includes step-by-step tying instructions from Dec Hogan and Marty Howard.

Douglas has put together a video introducing the project and providing some excerpts of the book. While I don't know George personally, the one immediately obvious takeaway while watching the video (other than that I wish he'd burn that hat) is that he is passionate about the project. And it seems rightfully so. The idea of fishing knowledge from some of the world's best fishermen compiled into a single resource is a compelling one. The idea of one that's written in such a way as to also be entertaining, and there's no reason to assume otherwise given's Douglas' other writings, is even more intriguing.

Douglas cut his teeth on upstate New York's Salmon River, an excellent salmon and steelhead fishery upon which hordes of absolutely wretched individuals descend annually to participate in a ritual some call fishing, but that no one in their right mind seriously calls fly fishing. Peppered among these masses are a handful of excellent fishermen and dedicated guides who manage to extract the best out of a complicated fishery that should be one of the nation's true gems. Since his time on the Salmon River, Douglas migrated to Washington State and has since returned to the Great Lakes region, now guiding in Ohio's Steelhead Alley.

The guides featured in the coming book include the aforementioned Dec Hogan, Scott Douglas, Brian Silvey, April Vokey, Loren Williams and more. Watch the video above for Douglas' pitch and check out the Kickstarter page for 'The Fishing Gods' where you can learn more about the project, George and, of course, offer your support.