This isn't the first time I've taken time to mention Albright's seemingly perpetual 70% off sale. I'm also not the only one to take notice, as Bjorn Stromsness over at Bonefish on the Brain has also taken the time to alert his readers to Albright's everlasting closeouts. Still, I thought it worth pointing out at least one more time. Albright, maker of what we only know to be rods and reels of reasonable quality, obviously thinks you have a preposterously short memory and shamefully poor math skills. What else could explain the fact that Albright continues to try to lure customers in with "limited time" high percentage discounts that suggest to the unsuspecting shopper that they're staring at a deal that's seemingly too good to be true.

Of course, that's because it is. As I explained in my original article on the matter, Albright -- a tackle manufacturer with, to my knowledge, no brick-and-mortar product placement -- habitually sets very high MSRPs for their rods and reels, MSRPs at which their products are seemingly never actually sold (I'd welcome eating humble pie on this point, but I've yet to hear of anyone that actually paid anything close to MSRP for any of Albright's rods or reels). The products are then sold at price points that are only a fraction of these MSRPs, making the products appear to be deeply discounted.

I haven't been keeping up with Albright's products as much as I used to, but my Albright A-5 8'6" 5wt is still my go-to dry fly rod. The rod was a steal at around $130 when I bought it 4 or 5 years ago. It casts dry flies beautifully, even if it doesn't stand up well to heavy nymph rigs. Albright seems to get less positive press these days, but to my knowledge, still isn't producing junk. So why the need for the perpetually running scam, which miraculously hasn't backfired yet?

Though I've tried to reserve levying heavy judgement on Albright's long running marketing tactic, reasons to continue doing so seem hard to pinpoint. Albright's snake oil should serve only to place doubt in the minds of potential buyers and there are too many other offerings in a similar price range to leave behind good reason to purchase goods from a manufacturer that's shamelessly banking on the gullibility of their prospective customers. Companies like Redington have made their name selling quality products at consistently low prices and even traditionally high-end companies like Orvis and Sage have well-regarded offerings that price out similar to many of Albright's.

But hey, if you're in the market for an Albright rod or reel, better act fast -- I hear this latest sale is ending soon. Dude, we're talking 70% off! What're you, stupid?