The Allen Xa2 Fly Rod
The all new Allen Xa2 fly rod.

Allen Fly Fishing has just made available its latest rod series, the Xa2. Based on Allen's most popular rod to date, the Xa, the new series is intended to deliver all of the performance and versatility of its predecessor by utilizing proven tapers while leveraging improved materials. The Xa2 is also the second rod available out of a series of products for which Allen is moving to production to the states. The new Xa2 series rods are hand rolled in Pennsylvania, by rod builders Allen is calling a "masters of the craft".

According to information released by Allen, "The original Xa series was our best selling, most popular rod series since it released in 2011. We have taken everything that both us and our customers loved about the series and built an entirely new rod ... each finished with the utmost attention to detail. The Xa2 series, like its predecessor, is about versatility. If you're the type of angler who likes to switch tactics, and don't like packing multiple rods, the Xa was designed with you in mind. From our small stream specialized 6'6" 3wt, the classic 9' 5wt, or any of our 10' nymphing rods, there is a rod for any situation."

The Xa2 series is priced from $339 to $359 and includes 7 rods ranging from the aforementioned 6' 6" to 10' and 3 weight to 10 weight. The Xa2 is available for pre-order immediately, with the first rods expected to ship December 6th. To learn more about the Xa2, visit Allen Fly Fishing.


With Allen "first rods shipping December 6th" means first rods shipping sometime in FEB because we suck.