Allen Heritage Fly Rod

After several years of manufacturers focusing heavily on fast action fly rods, the past year or so has seen more fly rods with more classic action receiving increased attention from rod makers. Several manufacturers have introduced new slow and medium action rod series and the fiberglass renaissance keeps gaining momentum. With the introduction of its new Heritage series, Allen Fly Fishing adds new rod series to the pool of options available to anglers that buck the fast and ultra-fast trends of recent years.

According to Allen, the new Heritage series the result of two years of development aimed at producing a fly rod that features classic action and feel but also "takes advantage of modern refinements. The mid flex action has been fine tuned to suit the modern angler. Cast small dries and nymphs with delicate presentation, protect your selective trout tippets when the riser you were stalking turns out to be the pool boss, and discover its reserve power when more demanding casting situations arise."

The Heritage rods are a classic brown color with burgundy wraps and also feature an attractive burlwood reel seat. The series includes five different sizes, ranging from a 7' 6" 3 weight to a 9' 6 weight. And, as has become the norm with Allen's rod offerings, the Heritage series rods are offered at an attractive $209, complete with lifetime warranty. Allen also offers anglers the ability to buy their rods, try them out and return them if they're not to their liking, provided that the plastic wrap on the cork handle has not been removed.

Allen Heritage Fly Rod

For more information on the Heritage series, visit Allen Fly Fishing.


I'm all for seeing more of this. Personally, I don't understand why ultra-fast trout rods even exist. Sure, I did uber fast rods in the salt, but see no place for them on trout streams.

Honestly, who needs a TCX or the like on a trout stream?