Spawning trout 101

How to spot redds, spawning trout and char, and more
Bull trout pair on a redd in Lolo National Forest in Montana. Note the clean gravel, which the fish have scrubbed of algae, a telltale sign of a spawning redd (photo: Aubree Benson / cc2.0).

There is an important distinction between fishing to spawning trout and char and fishing during the spawn. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the latter, but practicing the former might get you drawn and quartered in some parts of the country where casting over active redds means you might be pulling big fish away from a nest or a mate.

Avoiding crowds through better casting

Catching more, larger, and more larger fish aren't the only benefits of improved casting
Fishing the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park (photo: John Juracek).

Do better fly casters catch more fish? Among the anglers I talk to, the prevailing belief is yes, they do. Most anglers also accept that better casting leads to catching larger fish. And, by extension, that better casting results in more larger fish. As for me, I believe all of it. I’ve watched it happen over the years with casting students of mine. Better casters do catch more fish, larger fish, and more larger fish. 

Two more 2021 Fly Fishing Show destinations cancelled

Pleasanton, CA and Lancaster, PA join the list of cancelled Fly Fishing Show destinations
Show goers browse a booth at The Fly Fishing Show (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Back in November, The Fly Fishing Show announced that it was cancelling or rescheduling dates at most of its 2021 destinations due to complications arising from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, including cancellations of dates in Edison, NJ and Marlborough, MA, two of the shows' most popular destinations. Unfortunately for show goers, today The Fly Fishing Show announced cancellations for two more popular show destinations.

Review: Muck Wetland Pro Snake boots

Fang proof and waterproof footwear from Muck
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain

Rubber boots were a daily wear item back when I owned a farm and have been a vital piece of equipment for a lot of my hunting, fishing, and exploring. I’ve always looked for three standout qualities from them: durability, comfort, and 100-percent waterproofness. But living in the South, as I do, it would also be nice to have an extra feature built into your boots — snakebite protection.