How to fish the carp spawn

Finding and approaching fish, fly choices, hooking and landing and more tips for chasing pre and post-spawn carp that are on the prowl for food
Photo: Chris Hunt

In the backwater sloughs and bays of southern Idaho’s Snake River, June is prime time for the carp spawn.

The big invasives, brought here more than a century ago as a food fish from southern Asia (and rarely eaten) start to move into the shallows when Mother Nature strings a few nice days together in April or early May. Some fish will spawn during these first few weeks, but, for the most part, they’re staging. And they’re eating.

Ending cutthroat restoration in Utah

The success of one of America's most ambitious conservation projects shows us what we can—and must—do with our future
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Nearly every week I read new stories about climate change and its impact on the future of trout fishing. In 60 years – if nothing changes and computer models are correct – it’s predicted that Earth’s climate will have changed so drastically that half of all suitable trout habitat on the planet will disappear.

Sage introduces three all-new rods for 2019

New task-focused rods for task-focused anglers
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Just in time for EFFTEX, Europe's largest fly fishing trade show, Sage has announced three all-new rod models for 2019. Two of these new models are specifically trout-focused rods, with the third aimed at anglers who fish large flies and heavy rigs for larger freshwater species (think bass, pike and musky).

Review: Simms Vapor Elite Jacket and Pants

Compact, lightweight rain gear for rains that come fast and hot, linger and steep
Photo: Shane Townsend

We get two rainy seasons in Kenya each year, but we never know when they’ll come – or how long they’ll stay. Sometimes the rain blasts in hard and fast. Other times it crawls in, lingers, and leaves everything living to steep in the brew. So whether I’m fishing or walking to work, I need rain gear. Most won’t do because it’s heavy and it’s hot. Neither is acceptable.

Groups urge support for bill to permanently ban Grand Canyon uranium mining

While one of America's greatest natural icons still bears the mining scars of yesteryear, new bill seeks to make temporary mining protections permanent
Photo: Alan E. / cc2.0

Amidst mounting concerns that the Trump administration is considering green-lighting mining near the Grand Canyon and on other federal lands—further fueled by a report released Tuesday by the Commerce department which called for speedier permitting of mining operations and a "thorough review" of all mining bans on federal lands—conservation groups and other organizations are cheering a recently introduced bill that would permanently ban uranium m