Cody Dial walked into a Costa Rican jungle and never walked out

Review: The Adventurer's Son by Roman Dial
Photo: Bruce Thompson

In July of 2014, Cody Dial walked into the Costa Rican jungle in Corcovado National Park and was never heard from again. It took nearly two years before his remains were found, tucked away in a small canyon that his father, Roman Dial, had passed by more than half a dozen times in the years he spent searching the jungle for his son.

Into the marsh

Chasing treasure in a vanishing paradise
Photo: Lefty Ray Chapa

As the sun rose over Bayou LaFourche on a steamy Tuesday morning several years back, just outside of Cocodrie, La., Capt. Blaine Townsend and I readied a couple of fly rods and prepped his flats skiff for a day in the south country's marshy wilderness.

Broad coalition asks governors to save salmon and steelhead

But fails to mention dam removal, an essential element to recovery
Photo: Richard Hover

The Northwest loves its cheap hydropower. But it also loves its salmon and steelhead. Unfortunately, something’s got to give—dams across the Columbia and Snake rivers have proven deadly to migrating fish, and years upon years of government-ordered efforts to recover salmon and steelhead have failed.

Taxpayers have footed a $17 billion bill and have virtually nothing to show for it.

The perfect worm fly

No, it's not cheating. And, yes, it's a "real" fly.
Photo: Chris Hunt

The good, old San Juan Worm is one of the best spring-time fly patterns out there, even if you might feel a bit sheepish tying it on for fear one of your buddies will see you casting it and accuse you of high-brow cheating.

Of course, you’re not cheating—you’re imitating an aquatic food source that’s common in most trout waters, and is especially prominent in spring when flushing flows scour stream banks and load rivers with real worms.

Nautilus debuts new GTX fly reel

Coveted reel maker Nautilus adds a new flagship performer to its lineup
Photo: Edgar Diaz | Sight Line Provisions

In the world of fly reels, Miami-based Nautilus Reels has become virtually synonymous with terms like "innovation" and "high-performance." Though the brand has high-end, saltwater roots, over the years, Nautilus has built a well-rounded lineup of reels that offer both saltwater and freshwater anglers approachable (or downright premium) options.