Researchers closing in on identifying elusive bonefish spawning sites

The discovery is critical to bonefish conservation, scientists say
A pre-spawning aggregation (PSA) of bonefish in the Bahamas (photo: Tom Henshilwood).

It wasn't that long ago that relatively little was known about how and where bonefish spawn. It was 2013 when scientists discovered that these flats-dwelling fish, who spend the vast majority of their lives in shallow water, actually spawned in water as deep as 164 feet.

Classifying streamers for easier fly selection

This simple system will help you choose the right fly more often
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Most of us benefit from having systems in place. This is true about almost any activity or pursuit, fly angling included. When variables arise, whether expected or unexpected, having systems in place allows us to methodically troubleshoot our way to a solution. And, if our system is well-designed, hopefully that solution is the optimal one. Over the years, I’ve developed systems I use to solve any number of questions I encounter on the river: what rod to use on any given day, how to construct my leader, how to dress, and how to choose what fly pattern to tie on—including streamers.

It makes you feel rich

Discovering a new honey hole
Photo: Tom Davis

I damn near didn’t stop. I was driving a road that I rarely traveled, enroute to another piece of cover. It was a crisp, clear day towards the end of October, the kind of day you see in your mind’s eye when you dream about grouse and woodcock hunting. The leaves were mostly down; the air held enough of a bite to make you briefly consider adding another layer of clothing (a decision you knew you’d come to regret). My black-and-tan English cocker, Rumor, and I had hunted two covers, both reliable producers, and had one woodcock in the bag to show for our efforts.

Swinging flies for pre-spawn brook trout

Early autumn can be a great time to change directions and target brook trout on the swing
A Rocky Mountain brook trout (photo: Ashley Nagel).

It’s that time of year when a lot of backcountry anglers are about to hang up the 3-weight and start their annual downhill migration, where bigger water is flowing slower and bigger fish are enjoying the respite from summertime pressure.

But, as any die-hard brook trout angler in the West might tell you, “Not so fast, Habibi.”

Patagonia outs new Stealth Pack collection

Fully redesigned collection includes a hip pack, sling, backpack and workstation
Image credit: Patagonia

Patagonia recently introduced a completely redesigned lineup of its well-loved Stealth fly fishing bags and packs. The new collection stays true to the series' lightweight, minimalist roots, while adding smart new features, improved designs, and a sleek, modern aesthetic. The new bags and packs also double down on the apparel giant's ongoing efforts to reduce its manufacturing footprint, with this latest incarnation of the Stealth Pack lineup features a 100% recycled nylon ripstop outer fabric as well as a 100% recycled polyester lining.