Insanity in the Crazies

Why is the U.S. Forest Service failing to maintain historic access routes to Montana's Crazy Mountains?
Photo: Janusz Sobolewski / cc2.0.

A potentially dangerous precedent is playing out in a federal district court in Montana, where hunters, anglers and public lands users of all stripes have launched a Hail Mary in order to protect public access to the iconic Crazy Mountains.

Review: Hardy Ultralite X fly rod

Hardy’s ultra-light answer to fast-action problems
Photo: Spencer Durrant

Over the past few years, Hardy has consistently, and some would argue quietly, introduced one fantastic fly rod after another. Hardy’s Zephrus Ultralite is the best small-stream trout rod I’ve fished in years, their Euro-focused Ultralite LL turned out to be a surprisingly versatile all-around performer, and their glass-graphite hybrid Sirrus is a dry fly aficionado’s dream. In fact, I can’t think of a single Hardy fly rod that I’ve fished and didn’t immediately want to add to my collection.

Biden's first year on public lands and the environment a 'mixed bag, at best'

'In the fight to protect our public lands ... the administration is losing'
Oil drilling on BLM-managed public lands (photo: John Ciccarelli, BLM / cc2.0).

When President Joe Biden first sat down in the Oval Office a year ago, the nation’s environmental regulatory framework was in shambles. His predecessor, Donald Trump, had put tremendous energy into shrinking national monuments, eviscerating environmental protections and removing so-called “regulatory burdens” from the back of extractive industries.

Winter is a great time for tenkara

Savvy anglers dust off their tenkara rods when the mercury drops
Photo: Earl Harper

I know a few really dedicated tenkara anglers — some of these folks won’t touch a traditional fly rod, no matter what and no matter when. They are complete converts, and that’s totally fine.

While I enjoy tenkara angling, particularly on small water, I tend to stick with traditional fly gear most of the time — I like the casting aspect of fly fishing too much to devote more than just a day or two here and there to the crafty art of tenkara.

That is, until winter.

Is this the next great permit destination?

A little-known chain of islands might finally put the Bahamas on the permit-fishing map
Photo: Earl Harper

The wind, a solid, in-your-face, 20-knot cast-crippler with gusts strong enough to take even the best-secured ball cap and send it flying into the clear Caribbean, forced me to turn my “good ear” toward seasoned Bahamian guide Travis Sands, just to hear his instructions.

He was frustrated. I was frustrated.

“I said, ‘Don’t strip!’” he hollered from the polling platform.