Choosing an all-star dry fly lineup

A half dozen Hatch Magazine readers will join the School of Trout online this Saturday
Photo: Jeremy Roberts

Do you have a hard time picking the right dry fly when you’re on the water? Are you more comfortable with nymphs? Or streamers? Do you struggle to tell a good dry fly pattern from a not-so-good dry fly pattern?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then you might want to participate in an upcoming first from The School of Trout.

Review: LaCrosse Venom snake boots

Waterproof comfort and agility wrapped in fang repelling armor
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain

Twice in my life I’ve accidentally stepped on a snake. Both encounters happened during my teen years.

The first time, I simply felt movement transmitted through my shoe’s sole, which sent a jolt through my soul, as I knew what creature was likely underfoot but had no idea of the species. It was a speckled kingsnake, who seemed no worse for wear with my foot on its back, and slithered off with my apologies.

SPAM Entrepreneurs from Indiana

A story so preposterous on the face of it, and yet so obviously true
Photo: Michael Hicks / cc2.0 modified

Here’s a subject line you don’t expect to see in your Inbox: SPAM Entrepreneurs from Indiana.

The thing is, I already knew the joke. The email, from my pal Pete Fleischman, referenced a story he’d related on a molasses-slow afternoon of smallmouth fishing on the Menominee River a few summers back—a story so preposterous on the face of it, and yet so obviously true, that as Pete was telling it my mouth fell open. It pretty much stayed that way for the duration of the tale, and for several disbelieving minutes after.

Some days, fishing is work

It can be fruitless, or it can be rewarding, but work is involved
Photo: Eric Lawler

Some days, fishing is easy. Willing trout come readily to hand, unable to resist the bugs danced across the water with a fly rod.

Some days, it's labor. It can be fruitless, or it can be rewarding, but work is involved. Sometimes a lot of work.


What is the marking of time, but a way to spend it?
Photo: USFWS / cc2.0 modified

The bottle smashed against the pavement right next to the old man’s foot, startling him. He instinctively spun the shopping cart in the direction of the attack. A bunch of bangers, pandilleros, on the far side of the chain link were already walking away laughing and joking.