More than 60 businesses sign letter urging Biden admin to reinstate Tongass roadless protections

Guides, outfitters, conservation groups and more urge Biden to protect America's Salmon Forest
Forest meets glacier in the Tongass National Forest (photo: Earl Harper).

Ask Mark Hieronymous, fishing guide and Sportfish Outreach Coordinator for Trout Unlimited's Alaska program, and he'll gladly tell you that Alaska's Tongass National Forest "is one of the few places in the world where wild salmon and trout still thrive and development hasn’t reduced the landscape to a patchwork of inadequate wildlife habitat.

G. Loomis intros new IMX-PRO Euro-nymphing and Creek specialist fly rods

The new IMX-PROe and IMX-PROc continue the series' purpose-driven tradition
The new IMX-PROc, or IMX-PRO CREEK (photo: G. Loomis).

Woodland, WA rod maker G. Loomis introduced the IMX-PRO lineup back in 2017 as a "purpose-built" lineup of rods that, rather than being a slate of do-it-all tools, was comprised of rods designed to tackle specific tasks. Over the years, that philosophy has proven itself on the water. For countless anglers, many of which are guides, various IMX-PRO models—such as the streamer-centric IMX-PRO 905-7 or the punchy IMX-PRO 61111-4 Short Spey—have become favorite and dependable task-specific performers.

Review: Korkers River Ops wading boots

Korkers' latest offering might be their best wading boot yet
The Korkers River Ops wading boots (photo: Spencer Durrant).

I’ve been wearing Korkers boots for a while now — long enough that I’m not sure when I bought my first pair. Wading boots, for all their importance, lack the sex appeal of rods, waders, or reels. But since that first set of boots, I’ve watched Korkers engage in a consistent effort to bring new, innovative, interesting products to market.

The carp refuge

On the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge, there's a lot to love
A carp frolics in the shallows of the Snake River, as it courses through the Minidoka National Wildlife Refuge in central Idaho (photo: Chris Hunt).

It might seem counterintuitive to spend good taxpayer money to keep rangeland cows out of a backwater bay of the Snake River that’s already an environmental war zone.

My evanescent heroes

The imperiled piping plover makes its stand against human encroachment
Photo: cadop / cc2.0

The footpath, worn into sand the color of graham crackers, led over low, grass-stippled dunes to the beach on Lake Superior. A violent squall had rocked our little cottage in the dead of night, but now, beneath a sky so blue it hurt, the big lake was in a happy mood. A soft breeze, not quite warm but not cold, either, pulsed from the west; what surf there was, fizzing lightly in its ebb-and-flow against the cobbled shore, seemed as calmly imperturbable as the breathing of a sleeping god.