Yellowstone lake trout are on the retreat

Millions of dollars and years of eradication efforts are starting to pay off
Photo: Rennett Stowe / cc2.0

Years ago, while doing a series of stories on Yellowstone National Park for my job as an editor/reporter for the Idaho State Journal, I saw my first Yellowstone lake trout. It came from the depths of a deep freeze housed by the National Park Service near Lake Village, and when the park biologist pulled it from the big, white industrial-sized behemoth, I was shocked.

The fish took two hands to hold, and likely stretched the tape well beyond the 30-inch mark.

Trump admin effort to strip forest protections aims to boost corporate profits, not jobs

Groups are urging individuals to speak up for the Tongass National Forest
Angler Kirk Deeter walks through a Tongass National Forest stand not far from Juneau, Alaska (Photo: Earl Harper).

Whether along the southeastern Alaskan mainland or on any of the thousands of islands that fall inside the boundaries of the Tongass National Forest, and within steps of waters where seals, orcas, whales and salmon swim, you're likely to find something you won't find almost anywhere else within the United States: old-growth trees. The Tongass, the largest coastal temperate rainforest on the entire globe, is home to massive, rare old-growth forest stands—where some of the trees are over 800 years old.

Congress must end U.S. trade in shark fins

Federal bill aims to protect fisheries and shrink shark fin markets
A juvenile blacktip reef shark (photo: Kris-Mikael Krister / cc2.0)

While the U.S. has passed laws that require sharks to be landed whole, many shark populations continue to plummet, partially because U.S. fishermen and seafood brokers are still trading in fins in an attempt to cash in on demand that threatens sharks worldwide.


Are all memories just ghosts?
Photo: Ted Bobosh / cc2.0.

One warm summer night a lifetime ago, I slipped into the midnight water of an Oklahoma farm pond near the city where I grew up. I remember, for many reasons, that particular night among the innumerable similar nights spent chasing fish across the years of a youth spent directionless and wandering.