Backyard fire

Our favorite fire pits, ovens, grills and more for hardwood warmth and cooking
The Stahl Fire Pit [foreground] and Stadler Oven [background] at work (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Though few positive side effects resulted from the coronavirus pandemic that descended on the globe in early 2020, one of the most significant may be the nationwide and worldwide rekindling of people’s desire to spend time outdoors. Though initially a product of necessity—leisure activities or socializing with others, in many parts of the country, required one to be outside—this shift, for many, quickly blossomed into a revitalized love affair with all things outside.

Protecting the Vjosa, Europe's last wild river

Europe's last untamed river is threatened by over 30 hydropower projects
Photo: Andrew Burr

The Vjosa River is the last of its kind. The river and its tributaries flow uninterrupted from their headwaters in the mountains of Greece to Albania where the Vjosa empties into the Adriatic Sea. It is the only major wild river system that exists in Europe today and it has long been imperiled by hydropower projects that would destroy the culture and ecology of the regions the river courses through. Today, over 30 different hydropower projects are proposed on the Vjosa and its tributaries.

Getting your fly gear organized and ready for a new year on the water

Tips on getting your lines, fly boxes, and more ready for the coming season
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Every winter I look forward to prepping for the upcoming fly fishing season. I like to set the stage for a successful season with gear maintenance and preparation. For me, organization is the key to an enjoyable time on the water. There are those who can excel in a chaotic and disorganized environment, but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. The only way I can reduce my anxiety and increase my enjoyment on the water is to maintain some level of fly gear organization.

Could mining impact the Okefenokee?

Have the Trump administration's Clean Water Act rollbacks left one of America's greatest wildernesses in peril?
A boat motors through the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia (photo: Tim Parkinson / cc2.0)

A century ago, the Hebard Cypress company razed what was then considered a nuisance swamp in southeast Georgia of its pond cypress. Some 400 million feet of timber was removed in total, and all this after a canal was dredged to drain the swamp altogether. The former effort was abandoned after only 11 miles had been dug. The idea, of course, was to turn this inconvenient swath of wetlands real estate into timber farms and croplands.

Thankfully, it didn’t work out that way.

Korkers outs new tactically-inspired River Ops wading boot

A bevy of new and existing tech combine in Korkers' latest wading boot
Photo: Korkers

Korkers is one of only a handful of brands in the world of fly fishing that seems intent on continuous innovation. It seems that rarely does a year go by where Korkers hasn’t found and managed to bring to market a meaningful new way to improve the fit, comfort, function, or durability of wading boots—the one piece of fishing gear that probably takes more abuse than any other.