3 tips for dry fly fishing stealth

Common sense tactics to improve your dry fly fishing success
Photo: Jeremiah Clark

Low water and skittish trout are common during the late summer and early fall trout fishing seasons. While most any fly fishing tactic will produce results at those times of the year, dry flies are often an excellent option. Although some hatches still occur, reduced activity of aquatic insects both above and below the surface often leaves trout looking up for food, specifically, for terrestrials. But while trout are looking up to feed, they are also on the lookout for predators, thanks to low, clear water, which puts their evolutionary protective alarms on high alert.

Review: Grizzly 60 cooler

Another bulletproof, rotomolded cooler option for hunters, anglers, and more
Photo: Johnny Carrol Sain

That first portable cooler, patented in 1953 by Richard C. Laramy of Joliet, Illinois, was a game-changer for outdoors-minded folks. Extended stays far from the conveniences of modern life could now be toasted with an ice-cold beverage. And while the actual contents of that first cooler’s maiden expedition aren’t known, it’s a safe bet that beer and lunchmeat were in there. Not much has changed when it comes to cooler staples, but the coolers themselves have evolved tremendously.

Gear we love right now: August 2021

What's working on and off the water
Bajio Bonnevile frames with "Permit Green Glass" lens (photo: Chad Shmukler).

Fly anglers are overloaded with gear choices—rods, reels, boots, waders, lines, packs, bags, boxes, vests, apparel and more. It seems harder and harder to know what's worth coveting and what's worth ignoring. Gear reviews are a great way to explore in-depth what might be right for you, but not every piece of gear is suited to a full-length review and, even if it were, there's simply too much of it to get to. With that in mind, we periodically showcase what's working for us right now, to hopefully offer more helpful feedback on gear that's worth a second look.

Despite promises, Biden admin pushing pro-fossil fuel agenda

Instead of offering bold responses to climate change, the new administration has accelerated drilling permit approvals and fought for Trump-era fossil fuel projects
Joe Biden poses for a campaign trail photo-op with supporters (photo: Gage Skidmore / cc2.0).

Not long after taking office, the incoming Joe Biden administration was treated to a shower of media praise in response to the Interior Department’s announcement that it would halt new oil and gas leasing on public lands.

Lost opportunity for Snake River salmon and steelhead

Congress has once again abdicated its responsibilities to endangered salmon and steelhead
Lower Monumental Dam on the Snake River (photo: Bonneville Power / cc2.0)

The U.S. House had a chance this week to make a real mark on the effort to improve American infrastructure and keep salmon and steelhead from the Snake River basin from winking out of existence in the coming years. The body’s collective action on behalf of Snake River salmon when it honed the $1 trillion infrastructure bill it eventually sent to the Senate? It punted.