Bourbon by a landslide

An introduction to bourbon
Photo: Chad Shmukler

When we closed down our bird-hunting/trout-fishing cabin, Andy’s Acres, for the winter we said a solemn goodbye to several departed friends—friends whose presence had unfailingly warmed our souls and buoyed our spirits. They’d given the last full measure of devotion, and their names should not be forgotten. Hail and farewell, then, to Jeff, Mark, Craig, and Woody.

The girl who moves dogs

"Re-homing" retired hunting dogs across the country
Meagan Cook with CeCe [left] and her mother Birdie [right], the dog that started it all (Images courtesy: Meagan Cook).

In close to 40 years of writing about dogs and the people who own, breed, train, campaign, hunt with, live with, and otherwise fool with them, I’m not sure I’ve encountered anyone as obsessively passionate about what they do as Meagan Cook. If her professional identity is as the Fishing Manager for Orvis Austin in Texas, at certain wingshooting lodges around the country the über-energetic 27-year-old Austin native is known as “The Girl Who Moves Dogs.”

Sage intros new THERMO fly reel

A new reel from Sage built for drawn out battles with big-game species
Photo: Dylan Schmitz

We've said it before, and we're happy to say it again: Sage makes some of the best reels in the business, even if it's a company that's unquestionably more well-known for its fly rods than any other product it churns out. Given such, it's always exciting when the Bainbridge Island rod and reel maker outs a new reel. This time around Sage is introducing its new THERMO reel, a blue water- and big game-focused fly reel.

Quick takes: 12 trout fishing tips

A dozen digestible tips on everything from flies and reading water to rods, reels, and taking fish photos
Photo: Chad Shmukler

Those of us who came of age in a different era can find it disconcerting to live at a time when knowledge and expertise frequently take a back seat to marketing hype and fact-free perspectives. Still, fly fishers will always benefit from accurate information and informed opinions. Here are my thoughts on various aspects of fly fishing for trout. I hope they’ll prove worthwhile …

Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise. But why?

The complex interplay of ticks, their habitats and hosts — along with changes in land use and climate — may be enabling the spread of the pathogens they carry
Photo: Fort George G. Meade Public Affairs Office / cc2.0

On a warm spring day, disease ecologist Daniel Salkeld is hiking the hills of coastal scrub and chaparral of Marin County, north of San Francisco. It’s his favorite spot to collect ticks.