Trout Unlimited sues Trump administration over Pebble Mine

Group poses legal challenge to the EPA's attempt to strip Bristol Bay of mining protections
Sockeye salmon make their way up a tributary to the Kvichak River in Alaska, near the location of the proposed Pebble Mine (photo: Pat Clayton / Fish Eye Guy Photography).

Trout Unlimited is taking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to court over the removal of protections granted to the Bristol Bay region of southwest Alaska from the impacts of the proposed Pebble Mine.

Up in smoke

Decades of forest mismanagement has led to perilous conditions in our nation's forests
Photo: USDA

I’d been optimistic. Maybe, I thought, ash from the fire, and subsequent flooding, didn’t destroy the river completely. Perhaps a few stretches were spared, leaving just enough water for a handful of the river’s wild rainbow trout to survive.

The fire spared nothing. Usually, I fish the river year-round. Save for a few weeks of runoff, it fishes well and few other anglers ply its shallow runs and medium-depth pools. It’s brushy, tiny water that most anglers would write off as more work than it’s worth, and they’d probably be right.

G. Loomis intros the NRX+

After almost a decade, Loomis has introduced the successor to the wildly popular NRX series
Photo: G. Loomis

The G. Loomis NRX, first announced in 2010, is one of the most heralded fly rods of all time. That first year, G. Loomis sold more NRX rods than any prior rod debut. The NRX was Loomis' successor to the also wildly popular GLX, leaving it with big shoes to fill. But fill them it did, and for almost a decade, while some other rod makers churned out one new flagship fly rod after another, the NRX remained among—if not squarely atop—the pantheon of high-performance fly rods.

Hard heads for dry flies

How a resin finish can help you get more out of your dry flies
Photo: Chris Hunt

I’ve always been something of a ham-handed fly tier, and, generally speaking, the bigger the fly, the easier it is for me to tie. I’m a big guy at six-foot-five, and my hands correspond to my height. They just aren’t meant for detail work.

A collector of memories

Being agreeable to an idea is not the same as being enthusiastic about it.
Photo: Tom Davis

One day last fall my wife, Joan, innocently suggested that since we weren’t using the old welded-wire dog crate in the garage—I think she referred to it as “that dog thing”—maybe we could put it out on the curb as a giveaway. We’d done that with the crate’s twin a couple of years ago and it was gone the same afternoon. It’s not as if people cruise our neighborhood night and day looking for stuff to pick up but if you put anything of potential value or utility next to the street it tends not to stay there long. It’s a little mysterious how it happens.