Review: Snowbee Prestige GX-S SW fly rod

Snowbee's brand-new saltwater flagship rod is a surprisingly light, responsive performer
Photo: Hatch Magazine

Sometimes, it’s fun to live dangerously. You know … like when you cast a fly over a fish you’re probably better off leaving alone, for the sake of your gear, if not for the ire you might incur should something go wrong.

Like when the magazine editor who assigned you a fly rod review watches as you intentionally swap out your bonefish rod for your barracuda rod, and he realizes you’ve geared up the only fly rod of its kind in North America for some rough-and-tumble popper fishing for a toothy ‘cuda that’s harassing a school of bones.

Florida's bonefish are on drugs

A new study reveals how prevalent and dangerous prescription medications have become in Florida's waters and the species that swim in them
Photo: Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

According to a three-year study by Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Florida International University, Florida’s bonefish are on drugs. Lots of them. Researchers analyzed tissue samples collected from a large geographical area along Florida’s coast, ranging from Biscayne Bay near Miami to an area west of Key West, testing for the presence and concentration of commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals. Every fish the researchers tested contained at least one pharmaceutical, with one fish testing positive for 17 different prescription drugs.

Ice fishing 101

An easy start to hard water
Photo: Susan Bell / cc2.0.

Winter’s tough enough without denying yourself the pleasure of catching fish. If you live in a place where the mercury dips below zero this time of year, and you’re not exploring ice fishing, you’re missing out.

Small stream sisu

What does the Finnish term 'sisu' have to do with steelhead?
Photo: Tim Schulz

Steelhead are not native to Lake Superior. They have, however, made their homes in the great lake and its tributaries since the late 1800’s, and in the minds of many local anglers, this fabricated fishery was designed as a simple two-stage process: put and take. For others of us, it’s a more nuanced affair.