5 Weeks of Stocking Stuffers Giveaway

Last week we brought back our weekly newsletter and we want those of you that aren't already signed up to receive it to do so. We think it's for your own good. Not only will each week's newsletter catch you up on anything you might have missed during the week, it will contain content you won't find anywhere else such as our photo of the week, fly fishing quick tips and more. No spam, no nonsense, just more good fly fishing content. Hopefully, that sounds good enough prompt you to sign up. But, just to be safe, we're going to bribe you.

Starting on Monday, November 24th, we'll be giving away at least one fly fishing stocking stuffer every week day (sometimes more). In order to be eligible to nab one of them, you'll need to sign up for our weekly newsletter. That's it. Once you've signed up, you'll be entered every day. If you're already signed up, there's nothing to do besides cross your fingers.

The contest features prizes from Simms, RIO, H&H Outfitters, Goat Head Gear and Loon Outdoors. Prizes range in value from $5 to $30.

H&H Outfitters STLHD Hat

To start things off, next week we'll be giving away STLHD hats at tees from H&H Outfitters. H&H keeps selling out of their STLHD gear due to demand, so if you're trying to get your hands on some of it, be sure to throw your name in the ring by signing up.

Signing up for the newsletter and entering the giveaway happens here and will take up about 5 seconds of your time. All we need from you is your email address and an username. The rest is up to you.


This is a really awesome exciting contest you guys are doing. Fun to see such great companies working together. Thanks guys!

Thanks for the great opportunity of winning great giveaways by great companies! Tight Lines!

Lots of good stuff coming up indeed. Good luck to everyone.