The internet is polluted with blogs dedicated to this and that. Every niche has a litany of bloggers producing content to feed their respective masses. The online world of fly fishing is unique in the level of quality that characterizes the field. You'd be hard pressed to find such a high quality to quantity ratio on any other subject matter. At least we think so. Probably something to do with the whole obsessive compulsive nature of the crowd.

Periodically we'll make mention of articles on other sites that shouldn't be missed. Here are a few.

  • Moldy Chum's latest entry in their SOTW (Slab of the Week) contest was the product of a bachelor-part outing. An absolute monster brown trout was hauled on an unspecified Montana River this week. Head to Moldy Chum to read the story and see this catch of a lifetime.
  • There are countless pairs of great sunglasses out there for fishing. Companies like Maui Jim, Smith, Costa Del Mar and others are well known for producing top-notch eyewear for a variety of fishing conditions. While these companies are constantly upping their game, the improvements are largely incremental. However, this week, Deneki introduced us to a pair of new Revo glasses that, while not revolutionary, have a few features that represent a pretty big evolutionary jump.
  • Put the days of underwhelming fish porn behind you. Here are two very helpful sets of tips on how to be a better photographer when you're out on the water. One comes to us from Larimer Outfitters, the other was featured back in February in Midcurrent with tips from Zach Matthews of the Itinerant Angler.