Stickman Rods introduces new P4 fly rod

A new, dry fly aficionado's rod from Stickman
Stickman P4 Fly Rod

European rod maker Stickman Rods recently announced the latest addition to their growing lineup in their new P4. The P4 is a medium action fly rod aimed specifically at dry fly fishermen and anglers that fish small to medium sized creeks and rivers.

If you're not already familiar with Stickman Rods, chances are you should be. Stickman's everyman trout stick, its P5 is one of our favorite trout rods ever built, a fact detailed in last year's glowing review of the rod. You might think of the P4 as the P5's little brother, but that likely isn't entirely accurate. The P5 is a true all-around trout rod with a medium-fast action, while the P4 is specifically suited to lighter duty.

According to Stickman's Ákos Szmutni, “Our Spanish blank designer, Alejandro Vinuales and I have put a lot of effort in designing [the P4]. The plan was to produce a rod that is just as extremely lightweight and responsive as our successful P5, but has the sweet spot at distances between 20 and 50 feet, presents the fly just as gracefully as bamboo, and incorporates all the advantages of the most high tech graphite materials available."

The P4 has been under development for over a year and Szmutni is unabashedly proud of the result, noting that after extensive testing and design changes, he and his team are finally satisfied with the result — a rod that Szmutni calls "so slender that we had problems putting our logo on it, and so much fun to fish, that nobody wants to put it down once they get hold of it."

The P4 is available in a single length of 8'. The P4 is currently available in Stickman's Stealth and Evil Black finishes, with its Forest finish expected to be available later in the year. Like all of Stickman's rods, the P4 features hallmark quality components such as titanium recoil guides, Fuji stripping guides, exceptional quality cork handles and handmade craftsmanship you'd expect from a custom rod maker. Retail pricing is $725 USD.

For more information on Stickman Rods, be sure to check out our interview with owner Ákos Szmutni and visit the Stickman Rods website.


hard to call a flyrod mid-priced at $725

Doug -

There are no references to the rod being mid-priced. $725 is definitely in the high/premium rod range.