Southern Culture on the Fly
Don't you?

If you enjoy eye candy and good, entertaining writing, it's a good time to be a fly fisherman. Now, more than ever, there's a plethora of great publications -- both offline and online -- for the fly fisherman to get his or her fix on destinations, technique, fly patterns, photography, artwork ... you name it. Having just released issue #2 (which is, incidentally, sort of their third issue), Southern Culture on the Fly (SCOF) is welcome addition to the aforementioned plethora. Filled with stories, gear reviews, fly patterns and chock full of top notch photography and artwork, SCOF is not to be missed.

The latest issue is a tribute to the road trip, featuring several stories about winter fishing destinations in places most of us can actually reach, places that don't require a $2,000 plane ticket and $5,000 in outfitter fees to reach. In other words, places you might actually fish before you die.

With contributions from Hatch Magazine favorites like Louis Cahill, Klent Klewein (the duo that also bring you Gink and Gasoline, and that seem to have an endless supply of stupid-good fishing photos and stories to match), J.E.B. Hall and many more, SCOF will keep you at your computer reading about fishing when you probably should be doing something else.

The latest issue also happens to have the best milk sandwich recipe I've found to date. Eat your heart out Martha Stewart. Head to Southern Culture on the Fly to view the latest issue.

Also, if you haven't yet entered our 2011 Fishing Photo Contest, get to it. You can win a pair of special edition Maui Jim sunglasses. Over $1200 in gear is up for grabs.