SmithFly Cooler Kilt
SmithFly Cooler Kilt

SmithFly has developed a solution for anglers looking for a way to consolidate their gear while fishing in tight places such as drift boats and rafts. Designed with coolers like the YETI in mind, the Cooler Kilt eliminates the need for you to carry both a cooler and bag by directly snapping to the front of your ice chest. And, like all of SmithFly's MOLLE webbing-based modular gear, the kilt allows you to attach various pouches and other accessories to your cooler so you can easily carry and access your gear.

"There wasn't a good solution for carrying fly boxes and tackle on the water while fishing from smaller, more nimble boats," explains SmithFly owner Ethan Smith. "Now you can haul your gear and your beer in one trip from the truck to the boat."

The kilt is attached to your cooler using six stainless steel self tapping screws with snap heads. Drilling screws into your expensive cooler can be a little scary at first, but Smith says to "put on your big boy shorts and do it." The company also promises that attaching the kilt will not "compromise the integrity or performance of your high quality cooler." If you're a YETI owner and have added accessories like the lid-top seat cushion, you're already familiar with taking the plunge into poking holes in your cooler.

Each Cooler Kilt is sewn in the USA using durable Cordura fabric and features multiple rows of Mil-Spec nylon webbing with one-inch tactical bar tacks. The Cooler Kilts are available in five sizes starting at $45 and include free shipping.

SmithFly's Cooler Kilts and compatible pouches are available now on the SmithFly web site.