Simms finally bringing wet wading boots, loads more, to market

Simms outs its new 2015-16 product additions
Photo: Chad Shmukler

I've been pissing and moaning for years about the lack of a wet-wading dedicated boot on the market. Given the vast swaths of anglers that ditch their waders as soon as the weather and water get warm enough, it has long seemed like a market vacancy in need of filling. Yet we've been told otherwise — there's no demand, they won't sell, no one wants them — in conversations with almost every wading boot manufacturer out there (including Simms). But thankfully, either the market has changed or Simms is trying to change it.

With ICAST/IFTD 2015 only days away, Simms has announced its coming 2015-16 product additions, and there's a boatload of them. Along for the ride is what Simms is calling "the first-ever made-for-wet-wading" Intruder Boot, seemingly ignoring the fact that it used to make a wet wading boot a handful of years back. But no matter, the important thing is that the Intruder Boot is designed from the ground up for wet waders. That means it isn't designed to accommodate varying sizes of bulky wader booties, thick winter socks and so on — and thus is destined to fit more like a real boot and a real hiker. Add in the facts that Simms seems to have designed the boot with thoughtful features (like a debris-blocking, integrated neoprene sock) and that early reports from those that have tested and seen the boot first hand have been very promising, and wet waders might have something to get excited about.

Simms Intruder Boot
The Simms made-for-wet-wading Intruder Boot w/ Vibram soles.

As noted, this year's Simms product launch is a big one. Beyond its new wet wading boots, Simms is introducing a completely redesigned Headwater Boot and a new saltwater boot, the VaporTread Boot - Salt, which is based on its successful Vapor Boot.

A bevy of new outwear is coming from Simms in 2015 and 2016, including its new VaporElite lineup of jacket and pants that Simms' seems considerably excited about. The VaporElite line is driven by the relatively new 3-layer GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™ fabric, which is 10% lighter and 15% more breathable than other GORE-TEX® Shell laminates.

Coming as part of the fall 2015 lineup is the planned refresh to the Simms ProDry lineup (jacket and bib) and the revamped G3 Guide Jacket.

2015 Simms ProDry Jacket
The refreshed Simms ProDry jacket.

Simms says their women's lineup is getting its "most ambitious update ever." Coming is new footwear, the new Women’s Hyalite Rain Shell and a bunch of new women's apparel.

Rounding out the highlights of Simms' new additions is the new Waypoints line of packs, including two new backpacks, a sling pack, a chest pack and a hip pack — some of which uniquely feature an internal, aluminum frame (which Simms calls "ultra-lightweight") for added support and load distribution.

Simms Waypoints sling pack
The new Simms Waypoints sling pack.

To be sure, Simms' outed a list of other gear that's coming in the next year, just not more that we're going to get into here. Stay tuned for updates from IFTD (July 15-17 in Orlando, Florida) for more looks at and information on what's coming from Simms in 2015-2016.