Redington Redibalance Crew Baselayer
You do not want to run into this guy in a dark alley.

The company line: "Smarter than your average tee. Smarter? Yes. Because this shirt knows your body temperature and keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. And, it looks pretty good too. So do what you must. This will be the smartest shirt you will ever wear."

Most times the company line on apparel and gear is overstated. This time, Redington has it pretty close to right.

What Works

The Redibalance crews strike a fantastic balance between polypropylene base layers offered by nearly every outdoor brand out there, and the warm weather specific stuff sold by Simms, Under Armor, etc.

My initial reaction to these shirts was, “Wow, that’s heavy.” It feels heavier than a base layer should, but it delivers on its double duty promise. The taut collar makes it awkward to put on the first time or two, but should help the thing last for several years. Just don’t try putting this thing on without taking off your glasses first.

In the cool of the Idaho and Montana mornings and late evenings, it was a welcome first layer insulator. In the midday heat, the 76 percent polyester / 24 percent rayon construction did a great job wicking away perspiration to help me stay cool. Due to its density, it doesn’t dry as quickly as mission-specific, quick drying warm weather shirts, but it doesn’t stay water logged forever like cotton does, either.

What Doesn't

Nothing of note. Redington delivers on the Redibalance crew's stated purpose without overselling.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a base layer to wear all day long in variable conditions, this is a fantastic option.